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    Boogaloo Loophole around halloween deal Question.

    I have a Question about Boogaloo's Sedgwick Hotel Scenerio, and how he is able to appear if the Halloween Deal is still in effect. It says on the Boogaloo Manifestation Ghost card that Boogaloo Found a Loophole Around the Halloween Deal and is able to send Manifestations of himself to earth to cause chaos whenever he can. But what About Boogaloo Himself? I Know that if two Boogaloo Manifestations ever end their turn on the same space that both are removed from the board and replace with Boogaloo Himself. My question is Did the Game designers come up with a Loophole to let him appear even with the Halloween deal in effect, or Do we just assume that when he appears that the Halloween Deal has been Broken. I Know my Question may sound kind of trivial as it doesn't effect game mechanics, but I also believe that the scenerios as well as the campaign should have a somewhat consistant story theme so it makes sense. I just wonder if there was ever really a loophole or if the the game designers are leaving it up to the players to create one that explains how Boogaloo appears even when the Halloween Deal is still in full effect.

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    For those of us not up-to-snuff on the lore, can you please explain the Halloween Deal?

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    The Halloween Deal is explained in season five of The Real Ghostbusters Cartoon episode :"The Halloween Door". Basically it goes like this. Egon Explains that 2,000 years Ago The world was Overrun with Demons Until the Druids Struck a Deal With the Demons. The worst of the Demons would Depart to the Netherworld as long as they were remembered. This became known as the Halloween Deal. In the Episode a ruthless man I think his name was Crowley wants to get rid of Halloween because he thinks it is a bad influence on children and that it also serves no purpose. When the ghostbusters refuse to help him, his servant Fairweather steals A PKE Meter to use to focus Crowlies Anti-Halloween machine that he built to erase Halloween. The machine basically vaporizes anything that physically represents Halloween such as halloween decorations Halloween Costumes Halloween Candy Scary Stories in books Etc. This single act opens a Door to the Netherworld in the sky Allowing Boogaloo and his Demons to Return to Earth to Party Down as they destroy the City. They Destroy the Halloween Machine so that no one can reverse it's effects. Peter and Ray keep Boogaloo Busy while Egon and Winston Go to Crowlies to use the machine to reverse its effects but it is Damaged beyond repair. Boogaloo Tells them that if the Halloween deal is not reinstated before midnight, then the deal will be permanently broken and Boogaloo and his Minions will be free forever. Just when All Hope seems Lost a little girl named Ema Dressed in a home made Ghostbusters Costume made from Some household items asks if she can come with Winston and Egon to help. Winston says no it's too Dangerous and Ema tells them she's not afraid and Winston tells her that's not the point. Egon Getting an Idea tells Winston Wait! that is the point! Taking Ema with them they hurry back to Peter and Ray. With only Two Minutes Until Midnight Boogaloo Tells them the deal Will be broken and that they have lost. Egon tells Boogaloo he hasn't won yet and that they have one last weapon. Ema Steps Forward . Boogaloo Laughs and Says this is your Weapon? a child? Egon Explains that Halloween is more than Decorations and candy And store bought costumes. Its About Childrens Imaginations and Wonder. Its the one night that children take back the night from the Ghosts Monsters and Demons And All things of the Darkness. The children dress up as monsters to learn not to be afraid of them. Egon tells Boogaloo You want proof that wev'e remembered you! Just look in the Hearts of Children. That's where Halloween is remembered Regardless of the Candy and Decorrations. Ema then walks up to Boogaloo and says "Trick or Treat". Boogaloo Looks down and asks her in amazement! Aren't you afraid of me!? Ema Giggles and answers Nope, You look funny then Giggles and says your funny! tell me a Halloween story!: . Boogaloo Looks Confused. Venkman tells Boogaloo that Ema has proven that Boogaloo and his Demons haven't been forgotten and that They need to Leave Because they've Got a contract. Boogaloo Growls in Anger but Suddenly the Door in the Sky opens up Again and Sucks Boogaloo and his Minions Back into the Netherworld. Once Boogaloo is gone time is reset to 8:00 pm Restoring all the Damage Boogaloo and the Halloween Machine had caused. This gives Everyone a second chance to celebrate Halloween.
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    Boogaloo Sings his own song in this episode called "Boogaloo Is Back In Town". Also in this episode Ecto-1 is torn apart by Boogaloos Minions and they also open the containment unit causing an explosion (Surprisingly Samhain does not appear even after the containment unit explodes. Maybe the Anti- Halloween Machine Erased him too since he is the spirit of Halloween. Not really sure.) Also Crowely learns his Servant Fairweather is actually a monster that serves Boogaloo and doublecrosses Crowley once the Machine has done it's dirty work.
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    Maybe Boogaloo depowered himself somehow so he'd no longer be classified as one of 'the worst of the demons', thus keeping within the spirit of the contract with the Druids and allowing himself to come back.

    He's all about ending the agreement so I'd imagine any loophole he could exploit would be exploited time and time again, leading to multiple encounters with the Ghostbusters, the New Ghostbusters, and maybe even the Ghostbusters International.

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    Hi Steven,

    The 100mm Boogaloo that we released through the Kickstarter is a Ghost version of his demon self. In maintaining the Halloween pact, he is still within his rights to visit as a Ghost, just not as a demon. The normal sized Boogaloo Manifestations are other Ghosts who have taken the visage of the demon, relenting their previous ghastly form for a taste of a greater, albeit tainted power.

    The honor of designing for the Ghostbuster franchise allows freedom to entertain alternate histories of the universe, but I do my best to play within an acceptable medium when establishing lore. I hope my love for the property comes through and is accepted by those who share my passion.

    Mataio Wilson
    Lead Design, Ghostbusters: The Board Game

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    Thanks for the Explanation Mataio, that explains a lot. I just thought maybe there was something in the comics that I missed about the loophole that was mentioned on the Regular Boogaloo card. The fact that he is in ghost form Makes sense because I don't think that the ghostbusters could Catch him in a ghost trap in his demon form because he is just too powerful.
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    Outstanding. Now the blue translucent form makes so much more sense!

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