I have a Question about Boogaloo's Sedgwick Hotel Scenerio, and how he is able to appear if the Halloween Deal is still in effect. It says on the Boogaloo Manifestation Ghost card that Boogaloo Found a Loophole Around the Halloween Deal and is able to send Manifestations of himself to earth to cause chaos whenever he can. But what About Boogaloo Himself? I Know that if two Boogaloo Manifestations ever end their turn on the same space that both are removed from the board and replace with Boogaloo Himself. My question is Did the Game designers come up with a Loophole to let him appear even with the Halloween deal in effect, or Do we just assume that when he appears that the Halloween Deal has been Broken. I Know my Question may sound kind of trivial as it doesn't effect game mechanics, but I also believe that the scenerios as well as the campaign should have a somewhat consistant story theme so it makes sense. I just wonder if there was ever really a loophole or if the the game designers are leaving it up to the players to create one that explains how Boogaloo appears even when the Halloween Deal is still in full effect.