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Thread: What is the most powerful race/class to beat end game in current PVE campaign?

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    What is the most powerful race/class to beat end game in current PVE campaign?

    Orc/Cleric has been brutal hard, but then i dont have a ton of cards, did spend about 15 bucks to flesh out a red deck though.

    Well, i should say, orc/cleric has been fine, EXCEPT for the later bosses, like the fire zombie, worms, and other stuff in west desert.

    Whats the easy mode race/class? Or easier mode.

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    Necrotic Cleric is good. Most of the Blood/Diamond clerics are really cheap. Righteous Paladin is probably the the most pricey uncommon as he's a staple in a diamond centered cleric deck.

    Dwarf Warrior is good too as his ability essentially gives you a free turn when you use it against the enemy champion. It prevents the champion from regaining his resources for the next turn, so you can build a board easier.

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    I had a fairly easy time with the Shin'Hare Warrior, especially once I got the upgrades to Battle. 3 damage for 3 charges with no blow back for attacking troops is really hand for board advantage.

    Human Cleric with a diamond deck as awesome for pretty much anything except Killapedes.

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    My vote goes to Dwarf Warrior too. Helps that artifact decks are resistant to mana screw, have really reliable win conditions, and almost no cards that are dead in any given hand. Overall makes you very resistant to super bad luck in Devonshire, where there're quite a few things that can go wrong with several of the fights. Plus absolute immunity to 1 damage hits and on-hit effects makes you immune to most of the things that can go horribly wrong in a fight--from Killipede to that 1/1 Zombie with Daze.

    He may not spike as high as the Vennen Cleric/Mage, Elf Warrior/Mage, Coyotle Mage/Cleric, or Orc Cleric...but I'll take the near immunity to bad RNG over the raw potential of those decks most days of the week--those being the next-best tier from what I've played. I also had a strangely easy time with Human Warrior, though I still can't figure out exactly why. My friend sings the praises of Shinhare decks to the heavens at every opportunity, claiming they absolutely trivialize what're normally considered hard fights, but I haven't played enough of them to know if they're really that good.

    I will say, though, that I've hands down had the most fun playing Vennen decks.
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    Rabbit warrior is a removal spamming machine alongside dream stags with the gloves and genesis pools with the orb.

    Dwarf cleric is probably on the easier end of things in the final dungeon. Construct Foreman gets you a turn 1 attacking 3/3. Electroids. Peterbots. Adaptotrons. 3 damage burns can take out almost everything in there. Robots pump up your soul vessel so you ALWAYS have an awesome turn three play no matter what. Excellent PvE finishers in the Hydra and floaty guy who draws you cards. You get steadfast for free, so you can attack and construct plans. Only has trouble with the fire giant since putting 26 power on the board all at once is a bit of a reach for aggro. Very cheap, very amaze.

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    I actually think shin'hare decks (especially shin'hare cleric) are very good against all the encounters (except potentially inferno goliath). Mostly thanks to Emperor's Lackey & Cauldron Ritualist, admittedly this is more because the AI simply doesn't understand how to play against sacrifice/pump decks.

    The main danger is getting blown out on turn 2/3 by a power of blood card, but other then that it is extremely reliable.

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    Interesting opinions in this thread i would probably say necrotic cleric and elf warrior personally.
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    I dont know what the most powerful one is, but if you have the right cards necrotic cleric is by far the easiest to complete the campaign. Even got piranhas on my second try with him both times.

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    Honestly I'd definitely have to say Shin'Haar Cleric is worth considering. Many people were telling me Devonshire was much harder and worse than the dungeon before it, and after striking out on my first Devonshire run I re-ran it with my Shin'Haar Cleric deck and didn't have a fact I was even in a board position to mill to death the dungeon boss of it :P

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    Ive got a blood diamond Human / Cleric deck I threw together, beat Wiktor dungeon of first try (1 death in the dungeon, kept a hand with 1 shard. silly me )

    I mulligan kinda aggressively though if my 'win condition' cards arent in hand

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