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Thread: Will this PVE Plant Deck Take Root?

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    Will this PVE Plant Deck Take Root?

    Stay, men and women, and read of my PVE Plant deck!

    If you feel like you've outgrown your typical decks and want to branch out but feel stumped, here's a PVE Plant deck that'll provide relief:

    Champion: Elf Cleric

    Talents (in order of purchase): Hale, Healing Aura, Aura Aspect: Animation, Aura Aspect: Good Karma, The Righteous Path

    2x The Ancestors' Chosen [Head: Crown of the Ancient Kings]
    3x Howling Brave
    2x Arcane Focus
    2x Briarpatch
    3x Briarpatch Conjuror [Trinket: Briarpatch Bracelet]
    2x Cerulean Mirror Knight
    3x Rhythmic Spiritualist [Feet: Spiritualist Sandals: When a troop enters your deck, that troop gets: "When this enters play, draw a card"]
    2x Wolsy Wabbit
    2x Rites of the Tranquil Dream
    2x Dreamsmoke Mystic
    3x Plant Garden
    3x Titania's Majesty (Flight Gem)
    1x Yesterday
    3x Balthasar
    2x Heart of the Wrathwood

    4x Shard of Instinct
    13x Wild Shard
    8x Sapphire Shard

    The inspiration for this deck sprouted from reading the description of Spiritualist Sandals. Seed my deck with cantripping Briar Legions? Yes. Draw an Ancestral Specter with "draw two cards" sporadically? Wow. That equip solves the thorniest problem of my previous Briar deck incarnation: too much sowing not enough reaping, making you feel like you're always pedaling uphill.

    Another problem with Briar decks stems from their early tempo deficit due to weak low cost Troops and Constants that need to germinate. Having a guaranteed 3/3 for 3 (at Quick speed) in Soul Vessel ready to ambush an early rush really nips that problem in the bud.

    Being able to reliably defend yourself from aggro allows you to cultivate your deck with Briarpatch Conjuror, Ancestors' Chosen, and Rhythmic Spiritualist until it truly blossoms. Use Dreamsmoke Mystic to prune your draw and Titania's Majesty, Arcane Focus, and Rites of the Tranquil Dream to both pluck Troops out of your deck AND to plant them back in, which triggers Rhythmic Spiritualist's equip ability.

    My Elf Cleric's low level is soiling my opportunity to unleash this deck's full potential, but that won't erode my enthusiasm. Soon, my PVE Plant deck and I will embark upon an epic quest to farm all that PVE loot!
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