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Thread: Wild/Diamond Campaign Cleric Deck

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    Wild/Diamond Campaign Cleric Deck

    This is my deck for my Coyotle Cleric. Any cleric with access to Wild/Diamond can run it. It specifically takes advantage of the Affinity:Cleric and Divine Altar talents. Pretty much everything else is discretionary.

    3x Howling Brave
    2x Brightmoon Brave
    2x Righteous Paladin (Sigil of Grace)
    3x Sterling Starwatcher
    3x Sun Seer
    1x Prophet of the Sun
    3x Quick Strider
    2x Wild Root Dancer (Feralroot Slippers)
    2x Druidic Exoshaper
    2x Nightsky Stargazer (Nightsky Handlers)
    2x Wildwood Beastcaller (Howling Headband)
    2x Earthshaker (Earthcaller's Robes)
    1 Ozawa, Cosmic Elder

    2x Sapper's Charge
    3x Repel
    3x Wild Aura

    13 Wild Shard
    7 Diamond Shard
    4 Howling Plains Bluegrass

    First off, this deck is an absolute Chained Goliath killer. The only encounters I really had issues with were the ones that get quick fliers. The addition of Sapper's Charge was a big help vs. Devonshire Guardian and similar opponents. Beastcaller with the headband is MVP anytime AI doesn't kill it. It's like Jr. Reese but additionally provides removal every turn. The Paladin is co-mvp. His power grows like a weed and the built in Lifedrain on himself and all the other clerics makes him formidable. Ozawa is obviously a win con anytime she hits the table, but as a 1 of, she's not as reliable. Prophet is MUCH better than Stargazer, but I've only looted one so far. I'm still not completely sold on the Exoshaper. That first turn as a 1/1 he gets beat up sometimes, but he's really efficient as a 5/5 you can play on turn 3 so I've kept him. I hope you find this helpful and good hunting.
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    if you want more prophet's of the sun, I think you need to make a second coyotle and just run the dungeons and related quests (the main quest-line if you will). You get him as a one off race specific quest reward, though I can't remember what quest gave it. Come to think of it, is there a guide anywhere of what the quest rewards are? I haven't come across one yet.

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    Prophet of the Sun is from playing a Coyotle to the first town.
    Each race has rewards from the first dungeon, first town and getting past the second gnome bridge.

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    but nothing race specific beyond that?

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