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Thread: Blood Diamond Sacrifice PVE

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    Blood Diamond Sacrifice PVE

    Hello everyone! I've come up with a deck for some PVE fun using the new cards from Campaign and I'd like some feedback on it. Granted, this won't be used for Campaign anytime soon with rarity restrictions and all that, but I'd like your thoughts anyway!!/deck=50179

    I'll post the card breakdown here as well:

    Wretched Brood x4: The main source of troop generation, and synergizes well with Adamanthian Scrivener and Hunger of the Mountain God.

    Stalker of Marbaras x2: While his threshold requirement may not make him a turn three play, he gives a good bit of drawing power and works with Hunger of the Mountain God. The Stalkers Blood Boots also ensure you can regain any health you spend on him in the event he dies before you get to draw.

    Shardcall x4: Really just there to help out threshold-wise, and with the Shardcaller's Necklace, acts as a deck-thinner.

    Mistlord x2: One of the main combo's of the deck, this card makes Angel of Glory the more of a fearsome card. Also works with Adamanthian Scrivener to create an additional source of constant health regen.

    Hunger of the Mountain God x4: Practically a Win-con all on it's own, this card can grow insanely fast in this deck where there is a few cards that will cause self-damage and direct damage to the enemy. The equipment ensure maximum value for it and provide their own self-damage source as well.

    Grim Harvester x4: The main means of sacrifice in the deck, this guy works well buffing Hunger of the Mountain God, searching for Angel of Glory, or activating Angel of Judgement's ability.

    Golden Avenger x1: With the power to comeback after death, this guy along with Angel of Glory will help you recover and even turn the table completely after a board wipe such as Extinction.

    Fertile Engorger x4: Early troop generation, and with Kit Catchers, provides a form of defense and removal against bigger targets at the cost of having a harder time playing Angel of Glory for free.

    Disciple of Yazukan x4: In addition to being a form of constant flight damage, this guy can keep coming back after death with enough sacrifices, and can act as it's own form of troop generation. I chose this troop over Minion of Yazukan and the more budget friendly Bone Warrior because it is essential that our sacrifices actually hit the crypt for maximum effect in addition to the reasons mentioned above.

    Blood Bearer x4: Should be clear why this guy works in a Sacrifice deck, especially one with health costs.

    Angel of Judgement x2: Our primary source of board clearing, these guys can help clear the board. If you can afford it, the chest piece may be worth switching into a slot instead of Mountain God's Vest.

    Angel of Glory x2: The All-Star of the deck. With sacrifices and chumping in mind, it is possible to get him out very early, especially with the equipment. But the real trick here is to get this guy out and have Mistlord shift his power unto him. With all the equipment and the shift ability, Angel of Glory is not only able to evade board wipes and restore your board and then some, but also bring back any troop that dies while he's on the board for only 3 cost.

    Adamanthian Scrivener x4: Pretty much the same reason Blood Bearer is here, though this guy works well with Mistlord and Angel of Glory more so.


    4x Shard of Retribution
    7x Diamond Shard
    8x Blood Shard

    Possible card changes:

    Extinction: Naturally, this deck seems able to recover from board wipes pretty well, if not entirely turn the tide using one. Don't know what to swap out in exchange for it though, perhaps Angel of Judgement? It may be worth replacing Fertile Engourger with Sepulchra Maggots if you choose to put this into your deck.

    Thank you for taking the time to read this and any feedback/ideas is appreciated, thanks!

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    Pact of Pain causes self damage and gives card draw, and you can use it as a 'combat trick' against the AI

    Maybe you can fit in one or two copies, since you really don't want more than one out in the board.

    Seems like it's a solid deck

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tarquin View Post
    Pact of Pain causes self damage and gives card draw, and you can use it as a 'combat trick' against the AI

    Maybe you can fit in one or two copies, since you really don't want more than one out in the board.

    Seems like it's a solid deck
    I've considered Pack of pain but decided against it when I factored in the fact that it costs resources in addition to health. Seeing as this deck is somewhat tight on resources as is, I felt that Stalker may have been better. But using Pact of Pain as a sort of "combat trick" is something I hadn't considered, so maybe it could replace Stalker depending on the situation. Thanks for the idea!

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