First, the cards and talents, then the explanation at the bottom...


3 Mazat Spearman (1) [Weapon]
3 Fang of the Mountain God (1) **
2 Shamed Gladiator (2) [Rage Gem] [Boots] **
2 Hunger of the Mountain God (2) **
3 Bloodsoaked Brawler (2) [Gloves] **
3 Corpse Fly (3)
1 Stalker of Marabas (3)
2 Rotting Knight (3) [Rage Gem] **
2 Claw of the Mountain God (3) **
2 Fury of the Mountain God (8) [-4 Attack Gem, -1-1 to Blocker Gem] **

3 Withering Touch (1)
3 Inquisition (2)
3 Crackling Rot (3)
2 Blood Aura (3) [Helm]
2 Necessary Sacrifice (4)

1 Pact of Pain (3)

23 Blood

** = Warrior


Fury: -7 Starting health, You begin the game with two charges - Free

Affinity: Warriors: Whenever you play a Warrior, gain a charge - 1 Point

Warlord: Agility: Battle costs 1 less - 1 Point

Warlord: Strength: Battle deals +1 damage - 2 Points

Weight: +5 starting health, You canít choose to go first - Free

Training: Combat: At the start of the game, if you have 10 or more troops in your deck and/or hand, 25% of the troops in your deck get Trained (Your Trained troops have +1[atk]/+1[def]) - 1 Point

Adrenaline: When you are dealt damage, thereís a 25% chance you gain a charge - 2 Points

Parrying: You are dealt no damage when you Battle a troop - 1 Point

Warlord: Concussive Strikes: If you Battle a champion, that champion discards a random card - 1 Point

How it Works

This is a fun deck to use against the computer. If something like this existed in PvP though, it'd probably get banned for being uninteractive and infuriating for your poor opponent. Haha. It works by building a lot of charges through dropping warriors, self damage, and crackling rots. This allows your champion to use their attack very frequently. Go for the opponent directly at first with your attacks to decrease their cards in hand, then you can clean up the board. The discard actions and Corpse Flys also help empty their hand. Stalker of Marabas, Pact of Pain, and Necessary Sacrifice help refill yours. Because there is so much self damage, Necessary Sacrifice is also helpful at times if you need to stop bleeding from cards like Claw of the Mountain God. Blood Aura also helps stop the bleeding. The self damage helps pump Hunger of the Mountain God and helps get Fury of the Mountain God out quick. With the debuffs from the Mazat Spearman, Fury, and Crackling Rot, what troops do make it to the board will be weak unable to stop all your rage troops.

Hope you enjoy! Feedback is welcome. Let me know if you have any other discard warrior decks to share. I feel like Shinhare could make a good one...