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Thread: A Piranha Swarm deck

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    A Piranha Swarm deck

    10 x Diamond shard
    9 x Ruby shard
    3 x Shard of Conquest
    2 x Scorch
    2 x Heroic Inspiration
    3 x Spiritbound Spy
    2 x Stinging Ambush
    2 x Lightning Elemental
    3 x Grim Skull Sorcerer (swiftstrike gem)
    3 x Guard Dog
    1 x Immortality
    1 x Protectorate Defender (swiftstrike gem)
    3 x Rigid Buffalo
    3 x Bombsmith
    1 x Emberspire Witch
    1 x Heat Wave
    3 x Dragon Guard Stalwart
    1 x Highlands Shinobi
    2 x Mentor of the Wind
    2 x Dwarven Ballistics Training
    1 x Deathless Guardian
    2 x Shard Ward

    equipment: Blade of many names (weapon)
    Gauntlet of the tireless watch (gloves)
    Other equips are not needed.

    The basic idea is low cost troops with swiftstrike, and some board clear and damage prevention.

    As I listed above, all troops cost 2 or less. Most have swiftstrike, others have at least 3 defend which make it survive the first time of fish attacks. Bombsmith and Protectorate Defender can kill 1 when they enter play.

    Generally ignore first few waves of attack, as we put troops on board first to block next turn. Simultaneously, waiting for more fishes on board and kill them with Stinging Ambush (if you have it in hand).

    Blocking with troops that have been Dwarven Ballistics Trained, then use the ability kill another fish.

    I didn't take burn or repel or sort of removals because 1 for 1 trade is not a good idea (scorch is 0 cost so...may take it) as you will run out of them with no card draw.

    Use Heroic Inspiration (with equip) to gain some life when blocking.

    Immortality and Heat wave: I was lucky with last two wins that didn't play this 2.

    Good luck on your fishing :-)

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    My own take on Piranha encounter!/deck=50480

    3x Spiritbound Spy
    2x Righteous Paladin / Adaptatron - Not 100% sure about this
    2x Deathless Guardian
    1x Gem Snatchers [Minor Diamond of Duty]
    3x Grim Skull Sorcerer [Minor Diamond of Duty] - chest equip important imo
    2x Highlands Shinobi
    2x Lightning Elemental
    2x Mentor of the Wind
    3x Rigid Buffalo
    3x Deadeye Slicer
    1x Princess Victoria (helps survive if present in your opening hand)

    2x Heroic Inspiration
    2x Stinging Ambush
    2x Heat Wave
    1x Immortality
    2x Shard Ward
    3x Staggering Blast (you can actually survive until turn 4)

    12x Diamond Shard
    8x Ruby Shard
    4x Shard of Conquest

    Hope this helps.

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    Staggering Blast is nice that I also consider take some, but Princess Victoria would be a dead draw unless you are lucky enough drawing in your opening hand. Righteous Paladin need some life gain to get bigger or it's dead blocker in 1 for 1 trade for sure, and that's why I didn't take it. Thanks for your advice, I plan to take Adaptatron and Staggering Blast and test it.

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    I use Righteous Paladin as cleric talent tree takes him out of control easily

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    Righteous paladin with trinket is awesome here if you are a cleric. He grows super fast and the heal from him blocking the big piranhas basically negates multiple piranhas unblocked.

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    That's quite a hassle, considering all you need is hunger of the mountain gods + blood aura in your starting hand and you can mull/restart as many times as you wish .

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chinane View Post
    all you need is hunger of the mountain gods + blood aura
    Sorrow + Sepulchra Maggot is also a powerful combo in blood and cheap at only (2).

    This basically flips the board; and after a future turn of trades, Call the Grave can fuel a maggot-engine.

    As a proof of concept I made the following deck:

    2x Hunger of the Mountain God (Mountain God's Vest, weapon optional)
    3x Sepulchra Maggot
    3x Sorrow [Don't use the gear]
    3x Call the Grave (Tablet of the Reventant)
    3x Blood Aura (Life Taker Hood)

    46x Blood Shard

    I proceeded to mulligan this a rather large number of times
    My winning draw was: 1 Maggot, 1 "Hunger", 1 Sorrow, 2 "Calls"


    I would block only as much as I needed to with my maggots so I could attack and trade some on my turn to "Call" back since "Call" is a basic action. As you can see from my final health this game was tight, but drawing a Blood Aura for my mountain god would have fixed that.
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