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Thread: Avatar of Cowardice - Card Design Contest

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    Avatar of Cowardice - Card Design Contest

    This past Wednesday on the General's Tent, Mokog and I were talking about our usual variety of topics and one of the things that came up was how much I liked the design of the avatars within Hex. Hex has a few dragons here and there but there are a lot of other tcg's/games that feel like they're doing fanservice by going after low hanging fruit and just cranking out tons of dragons and making them the flashiest cards. Don't get me wrong, I think dragons are cool just like the next guy... but I REALLY like the design of the avatar cards in hex, they all have so much room to have their own rich flavor and develop the greater feel of Hex in general.

    We were mainly talking about them because recently Titan of Voktar (avatar of fury) was spoiled and along with the audience we were coming up with some cool hypothetical equipment for it. At one point I cracked a joke about the "avatar of goes-and-hides-in-a-corner" and it kind of took off and I promised chat we'd make a little contest for it.

    With that totally unnecessary story aside... what would your avatar of cowardice be? Follow this template and two winners will be chosen for *3 set 3 boosters each*:

    [Resource cost] - [Threshold]
    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice
    [Rules text]
    [Flavor text]

    Flavor text is optional but highly encouraged. Prizes will be drawn randomly among submissions, though if there are some that I personally find particularly entertaining I might throw in something extra for them.

    Winners will be chosen on next week's General's Tent (feb 10th)

    Shameless plug: you can watch the General's Tent with myself & HexHunterMokog every wednesday on @4:30 PST.
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    Yellow-bellied Caitiff
    [0] [Shardless]
    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice
    0 Atk, 1 Def
    Defensive, Swiftstrike
    When an opposing champion puts a troop in play, this gains +3/+0, becomes Quick, and is put into your deck.
    While they usually scurry at the first sign of conflict, if you corner one they can actually be quite ferocious.

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    Angel of Discretion
    [4] - [S][S]
    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice
    Flight, Spellshield
    When another troop enters play, put Angel of Discretion into its controller's hand.
    [S][S] - When a troop is put into its controller's hand, if this is the top card of your deck, put this into play.
    Always on the best side of valor.
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    Hido Syka, Gnome Commander

    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice

    If an opponent plays a resource, put Hido Syka in your deck and gain 0/1.
    If an opponent plays a troop, put Hido Syka in your deck and draw a card.
    If an opponent plays an action or constant, put Hido Syka in your deck and gain 2 charges.
    If a troop you control dies, void Hido Syka for 3 turns and then return him to play.


    "Thank the King it wasn't a Wormoid!"

    Invisible Ring (slot - trinket): (1) - Hido Syka becomes invisible and gets spellshield until end of turn, ignore his effects and put a Witching counter on him. When Hido Syka becomes visible, draw 2 cards for each witching counter. If Hido Syka has 3 witching counters on him, transform him into a 1/1 goblin with rage 3, equipment no longer affects him.

    Lucky Mithril Vest (slot - chest): Hido Syka gains Invincible.

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    Forgot to mention of of my favorites that we collectively came up with on wednesday's show:

    Everliving Wretch

    2 - [Sapphire]
    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice


    Tunneling 2
    If would be dealt damage, instead tunnel it.
    If would be destroyed, all troops get -2 atk.


    "On second thought... I'll leave this one to be handled by the Avatar of Recklessness."
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    2 - [Blood]
    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice

    Can't block / Can't attack
    Any effect from a card or ability that would affect this is redirected to a random non-Avatar troop and this deal 2 damage to all opposing champions.


    "I'm out."

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    Master Theorycrafter
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    Oct 2013
    Parma, OH
    Skulker of Despius
    -No Cost (Skulker of Despius can't be played without a cost) - - Legendary
    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice
    - When Skulker of Despius is revealed by a card or effect, Skulker of Despius deals 3 damage to target champion and that champion becomes toxified. Put Skulker of Despius into your deck. It gets cost 4 and loses this text.

    Toxified champions cannot replenish more then 3 resources a turn.

    A coward's dagger in the dark is sometimes more valuable then an army of thousands. - Despius, Primal of Cowardice

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    Sheltering Angel
    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice
    When an opponent plays a card or an opposing troop attacks, you may void target troop you control. It gets "At the end of turn, if this is in your void, put this into play" this turn.
    "Quick, hide!"


    Craven Gauntlets (Rare Gloves) - Your Sheltering Angels instead have "When a player plays a card or a troop attacks or blocks, you may void target troop you control. It gets "At the end of turn, if this is in your void, put this into play" this turn."

    All Encompassing Aegis (Legendary Chest) - Your Sheltering Angels may target opposing troops.

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    [5] [RUBY] [RUBY]
    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice


    When this blocks or becomes blocked by a troop, Shuffle Poluda into its controllers deck. Draw a card.

    If Poluda would be targeted by an opponent, Shuffle Poluda into its controllers deck. Draw a Card.


    "Never ending caution is the trademark of the Avatar of Cowardice, However, be warned it strikes like lightning when the time is perfect."

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    Eldest Shin'hare - 5
    Troop - Avatar of Cowardice

    Tunneling 3

    When this enters play or surfaces, troops you control get +0 / +1.

    When an opposing troop attacks, void this.
    If this is in your void, it has "When a troop attacks an opposing champion, return this to play."

    3 / 3

    "In every population, there must be one individual who is the oldest. Shin'hare detest that individual and force them to join in battle."

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