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    VIP Details

    Sorry if this is posted somewhere I should have been able to find it, but is there a page somewhere that lists the VIP benefits?

    As far as I was aware, it was just a pack a week (of the most current set) and a number of VIP tickets depending on how many months you sign up for. On the Gameforge page (when you log in and go into your account) it has listed:


    VIP members enjoy a range of exclusive benefits:
    1 free Booster Pack each week
    Access to exclusive monthly tournaments
    Special prices: save Platinum!

    What does that last line mean? I don't remember it being mentioned anywhere, I have asked on twitter but haven't heard back yet and wanted to know if anyone knew what the "Special prices: save Platinum!" was referring to.

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    At one point in time it was saving platinum to sign up for VIP. They had to change the VIP structure as it was being abused. Looks like they need to update it.

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