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    Card Wars Doubles Tournament

    Saw a pre-order for this with some helpful info.

    Here's a few questions that aren't necessarily answered in the description on the pre-order.

    1. Will this set include Oversized Hero Cards? If so, will Jake be a reprint?

    2. Is this confirmed to be an alternate format to the traditional game? Does this mean that we can custom deck build with some of these cards, and possibly add/swap cards to these decks?

    3. Will we be getting an official webpage on for more details soon?

    4. Finally, will this release alongside Fionna Vs Cake?
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    1. Yes, and not a reprint.
    2. Yes
    3. Soon-ish
    4. No, F&C will be soon, and Doubles will be a couple months later.
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    Cool, thanks for the info!

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