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Thread: HEX is a huge resource eater

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    HEX is a huge resource eater

    Well HEX seems to eat so much of my resources that it is hard to watch a stream while playing.

    The campaign gets very slow when there are a few triggers going off, but i guess that is serverside and PVE hype related.

    But in general HEX seems to eat so many resources while not looking like it has to.
    maybe the blinking and shaking of stuff has to do with that, would be cool to get a option to turn that off.
    Don't get me wrong it looks nice and pretty, but i am used to playing games on minimal graphics/effects possible to maximize the flow of the game. Because i value the actual game over the graphics and other bling bling.
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    I noticed that Hex takes about 1.3 GB of RAM
    while Fallout 4 with medium settings and quite a few mods takes 1.2 GB of RAM

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    Yep, for fun I watched it with Task Manager. 52mb when patching.

    Suddenly 1.1gb at login.

    Decided to try a practice match to see:

    Hex is using 24.1% of my quadcore CPU power and 1.4+ GB of ram.


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    Yea, Hungarian windows, but you get the idea.

    client version:
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    (double post)

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    +1 for the better optimization/low end visual options (Before PVE patch, everything was perfect! )

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    Just had it eating up 2 gigs of ram here as well. Had to restart it to fix.

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    Mine usually eats up 2gb or so on the mac.

    Last night my game client froze (spinning beach ball in Apple parlance). I opened up a terminal and the top command tole me Hex was pegging the CPU usage (100%) and eating up 3.1GB. I had to force-quit to recover.

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    This is the cause for the game crashes that are occurring to many. Really hope it to be fixed soon, force quitting Hex every 15 minutes or so interrupts enjoyment quite a bit.

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    Seeing it here too on both Mac laptops. freezes after say every 4 battles in campaign. Stuck on Loading with black screen. Have to kill the game.


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