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Thread: Dream Deck with equipment is crazy.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregangel View Post
    Just guessing. I cant see another logical reason
    It looks more like it's about popularity of the deck and because a lot of people were making Dream Decks instead the 'normal' ones, but it's just my guess.

    Quote Originally Posted by Erukk View Post
    It might not have been as powerful at orc aggro, dwarf aggro, or slaughtergear, but the ability to drop a large portion of you hand on turn 0 is still unhealthy. It would have only gotten worse in the future since EtD's equip ability pulls any and all troops with "Dream" in their name, and that would put a limitation on their ability to name cards in sets later down the line, because any troops with "Dream" in their name (especially if they're powerful ones) would be buff that deck even further.
    there are other ways to fix that without nerfing the deck. They could change description to target specific cards, or just name future cards different and probably other ways to deal with it (that i can't think about right now).

    I just think that nerfing the deck just because it's popular (looks like that, because it's not the best/fastest/most OP deck that is available now in PvE; it's not damaging economy: yes people are farming the dungeon but as nickon said: that kind of problem is usually balancing itself on AH. After time EtD saturation would drop the price.) is not a way to go.

    I'll probably will be back to my orc agro deck, but i'm sad because Dream Deck was a lot of fun for me :/

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    I think it is because the dream deck looks like the precursor to a resourceless deck which goes against the game system.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Fateanomaly View Post
    I think it is because the dream deck looks like the precursor to a resourceless deck which goes against the game system.
    But that's what's fun about HEX. You can build different types of deck with different win condicions. Non standard decks with low number or even 0 shards. That's why i like Dream Deck, because it wasn't a standard deck that I usually build.

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    Dream Eagle with gloves equip is still an amazing card, just now there's an actual deck-building and play cost to the card than there was before.

    The rest of the deck is unplayable as nerfed.

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    Exit the dream...

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    Wow overnerfing much now I can't play the eagles in most decks as I won't reach that threshold. The dream eagles plus equip were quite nice in most decks.

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    The nerf is destroying the dream deck completely and makes most of the cards except dream eagle useless.

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    I don't care about the nerf, at all...

    But the absence of language on the nerf is a surprise. Every other big nerf (warmachinist) has come with an explanation, generally in an article, before or as it hits and not just in patch notes.

    I did like the explanations of nerfs, and I'm still salty for not getting one with the Dream Squirrel, but maybe they just can't keep up with those sort of communiques up anymore?

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