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Thread: Lack of Endgame Content for the current Endgame

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    Lack of Endgame Content for the current Endgame

    Back from the USA I finally got my hands on the campaign and been binge playing for the last two days now. Let me start of by saying that I absolutely love everything so far, the game is plain fun and very polished - I'm blown away. But since that has been stated often enough already I want to talk about something else - the lack of any endgame content.

    Now don't get me wrong, I know that we have a level cap of 9 right now and the final max level will be 30 but since it'll be a while until we get chapter 2 hitting level 9 right now means you are max level and that's where you'd expect the endgame content to be. Right now, there is not much like that. Once you've finished every quest your character is more or less done and useless. Sure you can still farm the dungeons, grind to level 9 and so on, but the real problem here is - it's a lot more rewarding to just start a new character:

    A new character will get double dungeon packs, a lot of adventure zone packs and even way more gold just by playing the campaign again. While I think it's good that playing new characters is rewarding playing the same character for a longer time shouldn't be as punishing as it is right now. Since Hex is a MMO there really should be some incentives to bond with your main character and keep playing with it.

    An easy, not abusable way to do that would be to put some quest givers into the cities that just give you a new quest every time you finished the last one. Two of them would actually be enough: One that gives out a dungeon quest where you get an additional dungeon pack and one that gives out adventure zone packs for quests like "go and beat those 3 encounters again" or "kill 30 wild troops".

    All in all rushing a new character through everything probably would still be the fastest way to farm your stuff but if you enjoy your character (and I somewhat like my Necrotic Cleric ) that way you could keep playing with it without sacrificing most of the possible loot for it.

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    I agree that it's a bit of a gap in planning that there's nothing to do with your character once you finish all the nodes that is not far less rewarding than starting over from scratch. Especially since you are well below level 9 if you clear everything in the campaign without repeats - it makes it so to try out the highest level talents and deck options, you have to waste a LOT of time leveling that character up (inefficiently), and then you have no challenges left to tackle with that max level deck.

    I love the campaign. It's a fantastic start. But we really need something to reward us for taking a character all the way to the max, or at the very least something to do that you only unlock once you get to level 9, so there's a reason to do so. As it stands, playing a character past level 7 is basically just punishing yourself with fewer rewards.

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    aboslutetly agrree with that, i call it dumb that that you are forced to make zilion of characters. only 10 slots for that is evne more dumb.
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    AZ2 will help a lot. Hopefully we don't have to wait a long, long time for it. Personally, I'm hoping it will be here around Gen Con time, but maybe that's being optimistic. End of the year is probably more realistic.

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    No. Hex shouldn't prioritize filler content. Players are always going to burn content. A few cheesy quests isn't going to change that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tazelbain View Post
    No. Hex shouldn't prioritize filler content. Players are always going to burn content. A few cheesy quests isn't going to change that.
    You can't burn repeatable quests so i fail to see your point its almost as if you didn't read the first post through.

    Just having a rotating quest for go to this dungeon it gives some bonus gold and a extra pack when you beat it would be excellent and would keep at least me from rerolling endlessly instead of actual playing something and enjoying it.
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    This seems to arise from the bizarre idea that the aim of games is to reach max level and that's where you find the game.

    When you get to the end you have played the content. That was the content they've done so far.

    This isn't a complete campaign they're desperately trying to keep you playing after it's over.

    The main purpose of AZ1 is in fact to establish that they have the fundamental systems up and running and they don't fail miserably as soon as people start playing (they've fixed most of the most horrible stuff now).

    More character slots? I defy you to get 10 characters to level 9 and feel you want to play it more. While I would like more slots too my early farming characters I am happy to delete and I don't think it's unreasonable that they want to make extra slots a gold sink (to be implemented)
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    Each character has unlocks that only happen at level 8 or 9. New deck options that open up at that point, and new combinations of talents that you have to be maxed out to have access to. To actually unlock these options, you have to complete ALL of the current content, then grind a bunch of it repeatedly on top of that. At that point, there's nothing to actually do with those unlocked abilities, because you've already done all of the content repeatedly with that character. This is the problem - that there is no actual benefit to unlocking your maximum potential, because there's nothing to enjoy it on.

    You're better served making lots of throw-away characters that you level, beat each dungeon (or even not all of them), and then delete, especially if you want playsets of some of the cards. I consider that to be a design flaw. Being a newbie character should never be more efficient at giving you rewards than putting in the time to level up a character. Putting in all that work to make a character the best it can be, should not then leave you in a position where you don't actually have anything to DO with that character.

    Yes, high end content exists to keep players engaged. But isn't keeping players engaged a worthwhile endeavor? Shouldn't putting in all that work feel rewarding in some way?

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    The dungeons are endless repeatable too and OP is already tired of them. He'll get tired of endless "collect 30 wolf pelts" soon enough.

    The real OP request isn't "please added more content", it's "please make max-level farming" better. By all means if Hex wants to add some quality quests in AZ1, I am down for it. But adding a bunch of "collect 30 wolf pelts" just so farmers can farm more, not so much.

    If Hex want's to make max level farming better, I suggest the game convert a percentage of xp to gold for max level characters.

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    From what I have seen, our present "endgame" are the repeatable dungeons. The loot grind is currently what we have available. I too find it odd that the best grinding tactic is new character creation but having your preferred lvl 9 builds ready for AZ2 is still a good preparation idea.

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