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Thread: Help with vennen mage

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    Help with vennen mage

    Mage class in general is really painful to play due to your low starting health and the fact that all your talents revolve around spells so if you're short on SP then you're out of luck. I've played both the cleric and warrior and breezed through a lot of encounters that I'm facing as a mage. encounters involving very fast agro or stupid burning! I've died in some matches purely to out of combat damage from either spells or encounter effects. I'm running some life drain but it's usually the early rounds of each match that set the tempo and decide whether I die extremely quickly or last long enough to get out my better troops.

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    Here's the deck I used with my vennen mage to beat Devonshire. Not sure where you are at right now that you are experiencing difficulties.!/deck=d5...130011a4c46ed8

    Oh...ummm talents I used the mage talents that give you an additional card in hand and the one that makes your mages give you spellpower.

    Important equipment to have would be Saarthu's stuff, Time Ripple, Ivory Pawn, Crackling Rot.

    Let me know if you have any questions.
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