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  • Augur of Sirion

    22 28.57%
  • Crash of Beasts

    10 12.99%
  • Crocosaur

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  • Jank Bot

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  • Rhythmic Spiritualist

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  • Servant of Shathak

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Thread: Master Theorycrafter - Cerebral Fulmination

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    Master Theorycrafter - Cerebral Fulmination

    by Adrian Sullivan

    I’ve been working in the gaming industry for almost twenty years, and in that time, I’ve worn many hats. I’ve been an editor, writer, designer, communications professional, commentator, and consultant.

    A part of why I’m writing this column is because of the “professional CCG player” hat that I’ve had, on and off, for most of that time. One of the things I’ve always tried to bring to the table is a fresh and unique perspective. In this column, while you can expect to see me looking at HEX with a focus on competitive decks, I’m very interested in exploring the unexplored. For me, though, it isn’t about being different for different’s sake, but about bringing the wisdom of a successful two-decades’ long history of CCG innovation to the table.
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    Will read the article later as I'm at work, but wanted to say its awesome seeing guys like Adrian Sullivan and Jeff Hoogland get involved with the game. Momentum is picking up and I really feel this could be a big year for Hex in terms of growth.

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    all the cerebral fulminations but no incantation if ascendance?

    and I voted for crash if beasts, because I always found this an underappreciated card, with an awesome AA variant.

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    Minor mistake, the Psychotic Anarchist links all point to the frost ring champion instead of the card.

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    Well written article, but as a rogue deck builder, I don't think your final version of the deck could be anywhere applicable in any sort of competitive environment.

    If the idea is just for fun, then kudos to you sir! But I wouldn't put this anywhere close to a tier three list.

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    That was a fun read and an interesting deck - as to the comment above, I guess the proof would be in the pudding? It's hard to dismiss out of hand with no data \_(ツ)_/

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    Hello, I can see you're still learning after your long break from HEX because you completely missed the point of some of the cards you had mixed feelings about.

    On Bird o' Plenty: This card was vital to Cirouss's deck for a variety of reasons. First of all this card was never in the deck to serve as a mere blocker. It was there to be Ragefired or burned by something else to get into big draws which would then pump Incantation of Ascendance to enough attack power to wipe out the opponent in one quick swing. Alternatively Bird could draw from Ragefire to Ragefire until Ragefire had reached enough damage to wipe out the opponent's lifepoints in one go. The higher the damage on Ragefire, the more draws one would get from Bird, increasing the likehood of drawing into another Ragefire or multiples to finish off the opponent.

    On Mindpyre: This card isn't just there to get some damage from Anarchist and/or Fulmination. It's there because it's a powerful anti-meta card because many decks rely on drawpower. My Winter Moon deck for example has issues against Mindpyre because my deck is draw-heavy and Mindpyre punishes this. Of course I can continue drawing cards but the damage adds up, especially in combination with the other burn cards in the Benvolio deck. While it might look like a side-deck card, plenty of Benvolio decks are using it in the main deck because of the pressure it puts on the opponent.

    Those were just a few cards I wanted to clarify on, especially the combos with Bird o' Plenty because I think you missed those completely.

    In regards to your final question on which card to work with next, it might be better to wait till set 4 at this point. Set 1-2-3 have been out for so long now that most if not all has been explored to death. With that said, If you really want to work with one of those picks I would go with Jank Bot or Servant, as those kind of cards always create unique challenges. Crocosaur is interesting aswell, especially if you take it in an alternative direction with a card like Savage Lord. Do keep in mind that Crocosaur sees play currently in the metagame decks, so it's certainly not an unexplored card and you might just end up rediscovering a tier 1 deck.
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    jank bot needs to win this
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    Yeah I wanna see what kinda Jankbot he ends up building.
    If augur of Sirion win then its just gonna be a mono build.
    Which is cool and all but Jankbot is much more interesting.

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