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Thread: Hello, I'm new and have questions.

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    Hello, I'm new and have questions.

    1. Why can I not find several cards on the auction house? Are people just not selling or does it not let players list certain cards? Adaptatron and Ankylosauras are 2 of the ones I&#39;ve been searching for and not finding.</p>
    2. Since these cards are not on the AH, how do I grind pve packs? I suppose running a dungeon over and over is one way, but what about the adventure zone packs?</p>
    3. I just finished Devonshire keep, am I through with the campaign?</p>
    4. I see topics on the forum about army of myth 5 and 6, where is this encounter? I fought the army of myth during the campaign, but only once.</p>
    5. Assuming I&#39;ve finished the campaign, should I rerun it with a different class, run the frost arena or jump into drafts? Thanks!</p>

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    1. Pretty much all the new PvE cards aren't showing up on the AH searches right now. This is a bug that needs fixing at the moment.
    2. Adventure Packs are awarded on a once-per-character basis, so your best bet to get adventure packs is to create new characters and level them up as well. You can re-run dungeons, but they give specific Dungeon packs that have different loot tables, so if you're looking for adaptatrons, you need adventure packs.
    3. Yes, Devonshire Keep is the last dungeon of the PvE campaign for now. You should have received a sleeve as a reward for finishing the content. All that's left is to complete any quests you may have skipped at first, like the Killipede fight or the Piranha fight.
    4. Army of Myth can be re-challenged at the same location (hit Explore on the Army of Myth node) for higher challenges. Army of Myth 6 refers to starting with 6 resources for the AI opponent, and rewards a special uncommon.
    5. Frost Arena offers the best gold/hour grind, though different characters provide a lot more variety in the campaign. If you want to open booster packs from the PvP sets, I do recommend drafting if you have the money.

    Personally, since I have a collection to play around with, I just want to run with a dozen alts and try out lots of decks. If you haven't done Arena at all, there's plenty of loot to get there as well, so it's worth a few runs at least, though the value of most of the rewards has tanked because people have run it for so long. The key is to try some different modes and find out what you like doing best, but both Arena and drafting are good places to get started.
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    1. Other than the free cards you got to make up your PvE starting decks, you can sell any card on the AH. So if you don't see it than people aren't selling it. Or there's a problem with the AH. Try checking Trade chat, there might be people there willing to sell you some.

    2. You only get adventure zone packs the first time you beat an encounter, or for completing quests. If you want to earn more you would have to create a new character. Or you could buy them off the AH. PvE packs are under the Chests category at the moment for some reason.

    3. Pretty much. There are some optional encounters that you might not have finished yet, like the Piranhas, Wormoids, and Killapede. Other than that, we just have to wait for them to finish the next adventure zone.

    4. If you go back to the Army of Myth encounter it will be harder. If you beat it six times you get a special card.

    5. Rerunning the campaign can be a good idea. Each race has three unique cards that you can only get at certain points during the campaign, so it can be worth it to run through the campaign three more times with the race you're using to get four copies of those. This will also get you more cards and equipment from PvE packs.

    You can earn more gold from the Frost Ring Arena than from playing through the campaign, so if you can put a good deck together for it you can earn more gold that way. There's also PvE cards and equipment that you can only get from the arena.

    Drafting is fun. I'm not sure what the current gold to plat ratio is, but it could take a bit of grinding to get enough gold for a draft unless you're willing to spend money. If you buy the packs you need off the AH you can save a bit of money on your drafts though.
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    Please research the draft meta and watch drafting streamers before you draft. The campaign is different enough that jumping into deep-end approach will most likely make for a disappointing experience. If I was you, I'd keep tabs on a drafter streaming in my browser while working on my second character and third character. Ask them questions!

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    another quick question, It seems like most of the rares and uncommons I get from campaign are pve only, is it worth running pve to try and get some decent cards for an arena deck or should I just slog through the arena with what I have and use the rewards to improve my deck?

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    Adaptatrons are great and versatile PvE cards from AZ1 packs. You farm those by making new chars and play through to the Dream dungeon. I would at least grab those.
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    Your fastest road to improvement is probably spending gold on the auction house for key PvP commons. However, there are certainly some nice PvE cards in the Campaign, just not a high percentage.

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