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Thread: What is the best way to "invest" for long term if new

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    What is the best way to "invest" for long term if new

    I am liquidating some of my collection on that other online TCG and getting in early here. What is the best way (opinions obv) to invest 1-200 bucks assuming I will want to play eternal formats and have no need to convert this back anytime soon. I'm looking 5 years out here.

    Will sealed product be flashed back into the store or is it gone forever after rotation?

    What are the "power" cards that don't expect to see reprint?

    This portion of my budget is basically covering as many bases as possible to prevent having to purchase these cards 3 years from now for 10x the price. Obviously I am comfortable speculating.

    I have other money that I will be using (plus grinding) to acquire playable decks, that is not a concern here. I merely want to be in early and make sure I a, not missing any boat that might be sailing soon.

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    It's a bit early to speculate on reprints, but if Hex ever really takes off I doubt any card from such early sets are really safe from reprint. There simply aren't enough of them in existence for any kind of healthy large-scale tournament scene. Of course that's assuming set 1 rotates out of the store before the playerbase takes off, which I also doubt they'd do.

    I think the absolute safest long term investments for now will be AA power cards like crocosaur and quash ridge tusker. I can see cards like those being played for a long time in the future and their numbers will only continue to shrink as time goes on.

    Of course that's from a purely investment perspective and also purely speculative, buying 2 playsets of power legendaries might pay off in the future as well, and you'll have a lot more fun sitting on them since you'll be able to play them while you wait too.

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    To the best of my knowledge, there hasn't been any official word on their reprint policy. I agree with Alamand though, that there aren't enough of the set 1 and set 2 cards out there for any of them to be safe from a reprint.

    From a speculative perspective, cards like the Gen Con 2015 promos might also be a good choice. We were told they would never be obtainable another way, though I don't know if that precludes them reprinting a different version. The deck is very solid in PVE. I'd also be surprised if cards like the Slaughtergears trio gets reprinted, since they are PVE only as well.

    Of course if you are interested in playing PvP with the cards you buy during the intervening 5 years, then those cards won't help you. You might just be best off grabbing the constructed staples from today, perhaps with spares to sell down the track.

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    First off, welcome to Hex!

    The above posts have some good ideas on collectable value, and cards that can later flip for a large profit, but I don't think quite peg the central aim of your question. (I'd personally follow their speculations though if you're OK sinking plat now for potential huge profits later)

    Since you're mentioning legacy / eternal type formats, I take it you're trying to find out what the big ticket rares / legendaries are to have NOW (and in the future), for use in a competitive PVP environment.

    Before dropping the big dollars, I'd personally invest in most key commons and uncommons (commons are usually 3-4plat or cheap in gold, commons are almost always well under 100 plat), so you have solid foundation for a variety of constructed decks, and can actually play and enjoy the game now. I'd guess you can get a playset of all the commons and uncommons from sets 1 and 2 (which are no longer in limited) for $50 or less.

    As for specific cards, I'd recommend acquiring:
    Angel of Dawn
    Vampire King (This is a $35-40 card now... I bitterly regret not scooping up a ton of them in beta when they were $12-16.)
    Arborean Rootfather
    Crackling Vortex
    Eternal Sage
    Mastery of Time
    Eye of Creation
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    I would disagree with all that will be said here.
    We don't have any official statement about rules of set rotation yet. Set 1 and 2 could leave standard format with set 5, who knows ! In fact we don't even know if there will be a eternal format for god sake !
    So my advise is very simple : wait until a official statement from Hexent and do not invest in construct format . just cover your bases on set 3.

    Maybe some news with the set 4 release in one month or so.
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    Even if we don't know for sure, I'd guarantee there's eternal formats.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ThrawnOmega View Post
    As for specific cards, I'd recommend acquiring:
    Angel of Dawn
    Vampire King (This is a $35-40 card now... I bitterly regret not scooping up a ton of them in beta when they were $12-16.)
    Arborean Rootfather
    Crackling Vortex
    Eternal Sage
    Mastery of Time
    Eye of Creation
    I'm amazed you left Extinction off this list.

    To the OP, I'm not really sure what part, or parts, of the game you're interested in so advice is difficult. What I can tell you is when I started back in Set 1 I invested probably around $300 in plat (not all at once) and bought boosters and drafted, and drafted, and drafted. I am currently sitting on a full playset of all 3 sets and a lot of assorted AAs and assorted other items with value.

    I also have done a fair amount of PvE, both arena and campaign, but that was mostly for gold to spin chests which can produce decent value (Slaughtergear's Reavers/Replicators for example).

    It really depends whether you want to 'work' your investment or not. I'd wager set 3 cards have the greatest potential for a price increase long term because currently the prices for set 3 cards are down where set 1 cards were when they were new. Now that set 1 isn't being drafted the prices are higher. There's obviously a limit on what people will pay for cards so expecting cards like Vampire King to go much above the $30-$40 it currently runs probably isn't realistic. However, Set 3 has Phenteo which is sitting at around the same price Vampire King, Angel of Dawn, Monsuun, and Reese did when their sets were being drafted so it likely has room to grow once it's not drafted anymore.

    If you want some background on card prices use to get an idea of prices. is also a useful resource though the prices it shows are generally a bit behind the data hexprice has, which in turn is obviously behind what's on the AH.
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    Hex is still very young... with only 3 sets released, you will easily get your playset for commons, uncommons and average rares. You can achieve this even if you are F2P!

    As said, at or similar you will get a good grasp about market flow and valuable cards to invest in, aside from powerhouses mentioned above.

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    Mastery of Time
    Eye of Creation

    Creatures always come out in different variations some better than others but these three spells are not only very powerful their future potential is big as its unlikely to see a 4 cost mastery a 3 cost extinction and so on. For eternal formats i honestly think that Wrenlock has the highest potential to be an absurd bomb.
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    The Likely Pile
    Phenteo the Brood Priest - Wha? Why is this in maybe? Well, speculation isn't just about what's valuable now, but what people will be capable of building decks around in the future. He's a survivable 3 drop (can't be burned/crackling bolted) and even a single use completes his role. Turbomill will happen at some point. Do you hear that Mr. Anderson? That. Is the sound. Of inevitability.

    Forge of Cadoc - Outside of Wild, they do not seem to like resource accelerators. I can see FoC skyrocketing as more artifacts worth playing get printed.

    Eternal Sage - Sage control could be a thing at some point, but we'll need better options than Unity Generator. So it's on the list, but it's borderline.

    Angel of Dawn - Ehhhhh. She's good, but I think as new cards enter the card pool hoping to top deck her in turn 1-3 is a bit of a risk. Probably will go up, but will stagnate.

    Lanupaw, Prophet of Fate - It's currently underrated and I think eventually people will come around on it. It's a 4 cost 3/3 that will be a 5/5 the next turn, and you'll have pretty solid buffs to a few cards.

    Ritualist of the Spring Litter - Huge impact in any Shin'hare token based deck. While it's a maybe, I do expect it to explode in value if it goes out of print, cause there's no replacement or similar effect, and at 1 cost, I'm not sure a more competitive version will be made.

    Pact of Pain - I can see this becoming a chase rare when out of print.

    Eternal Guardian - Could go either way, but cards with effects like this one are usually few and far between.

    The Definite Pile
    Cerulean Mirror Knight - Has slightly cooled off, but it's cost and inspire ability can't really get any better. He'll find a home in eternal "fish" / tempo decks and will become a chase card.

    Vampire King - Unless they print the same card at 2-3 cost, a 4 cost 3/4 flyer with lifedrain and steals troops out of opponents hand? Yeah, it's gonna stay hot. It *might* be considered a little slow at some point, but he's gonna stay pricey.

    Kindling Skarn - This will be a staple in RDW unless something even faster gets printed (which it might).

    Archmage Wrenlocke - He's an engine, he will have a home.

    Sight of the Sun - Much like Wrenlocke, it's an engine and could easily find itself being a combo staple

    Extinction - Board wipe, nuff said.

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