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Thread: How to "gear up" for campaign? / Mono-Wild Plant Deck viable?

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    How to "gear up" for campaign? / Mono-Wild Plant Deck viable?

    Hello there, I'm Elgareth.
    I found out about Hex quite a while ago, and started to farm the Frostring Arena with a Red/Blue Dwarf/Artifact Deck (back when the War-machinist had that OP Gear which did Damage to EVERY enemy when an Artifact enters play). Managed to get a 15-0 run as well.
    But even back then I wanted to play a mono-wild Deck, specifically with Plants. Found that necessary cards weren't affordable, and I like PvE/Coop, so stopped playing until a few Days ago, where I found out the first Singleplayer Campaign is out, yay!
    Had a blast playing it with an Elf Cleric (I like Healers/Buffing, and Elf seemed the logical choice for a mono-wild Deck).
    However, I now hit a wall (quite literally), there is this campaign mission where the enemy starts with three 0/5 Walls that damage your champion for 1 damage each, each turn. The other roads are a Killipede which just rapes me with Poison and Deadly, and the Wormoids (got 20 Gnomes through the small Wormoid-Road, but it was tedious and tough with the current Deck).
    And I feel it's a bit useless just wandering around and re-doing random maps to level a bit, without knowing where I can effectively farm stuff I'd need :-)

    Current Deck/Equip/Talents, I use the german client so I'll translate the things, they may be named differently:
    Level 5 Elf Cleric
    Improved Blessings: Life Essence
    Improved Blessings: Empowerment (?, both leftmost Talents, one Talent point left over atm, wanting to go the rightmost both talents)

    Horn of the Forest (Your Forest Artists have +1 Def),
    Thorn-Gauntlet (Your Thorn-Sprouts also create a copy when you have another plant),
    Darkroot-Sandals (Your Darkroot-Enchanters create a Seed when they die)

    23 Wild-Shards
    2 Blackberry Things (1 1/1 other Plants get +1/+1 and Skyward)
    3 Strengh of Mammothtree (1 A unit gets +1/+3 and Skyward this turn)
    1 Illusionary Stag (2 2/2 When you gain 1 Wild a unit in your hand gets +1/+1)
    2 Wild Childs (2 2/2 Elf Cleric)
    3 Elf Lyric (2 1/2, gain 1/0 at the start of your turn)
    2 Forest Artist (2 2/2 when you play a card with cost of 5 or more, draw a card)
    3 Evolve (3 all your units get +1/+1
    3 Flytrap (3 2/4 Plant)
    3 Minstrels (3 2/3 When you have other elves create a Wild-Shard in your hand)
    2 Ankylosaurus (4 2/3 Gain +1/+1 when it attacks)
    2 Dire Toad (4 3/4 Skyward)
    1 Thornsprout (4 3/2 Plant that gets copied when I control other Plants or Clerics)
    3 Thorntongue-Lion...thing (5 2/5 with deadly when I have 4 wild)
    3 Darkroot-Enchanter (5 3/5 Skyward, Stable)
    1 Walking Swarm (6 4/5 other Units get +1/+1 when this attacks)
    3 Huge Squirrel-Titan (6 6/6)

    The general game-plan revolves around ramping up with the Lyrics, then getting stuff out that buffs each other or themselves, taking as few damage as possible, but never sacrificing a troop if possible, so that I have 4+ Units for my evolves, and then at some point just dealing too much damage for the enemy, so that he has to block with weaker units, and wearing him down that way. It worked rather well until now, often seems a bit slow though.

    So, with that said, where to go from here? What to do ideally to improve the deck? Farm Dungeons? Create new Heroes for some Race/Class cards?
    I feel the Squirrel-Titans are pretty weak, and the elves are a bit inconsistent. If I can get Lyrics out, then Minstrels, the Artist and then some high mana-cards everything just rolls out of control...but if not, just playing one creature per turn can create problems against certain decks, especially blood/sapphire that can remove/disable my guys...

    Does a mono-wild plant deck work at all, or does it need some blue or something in it? Is there a mono-wild Deck that works throughout the campaign?

    Is there some guide of what cards/equipment can be in what Packs? I noticed each dungeon has it's own pack. Do you get Adventure-packs only the first time each tile? Or can you farm them somewhere?

    Can you get every card / equipment on your own? Or are some important things only to be found in bought packs and thus the auction house?

    I started a Coyotle Cleric and some other chars, but found neither warrior nor mage too appealing. Are there Class-specific rewards as well, so that I might need a mage/warrior at some point? Or just Race-rewards?

    Could a mono-wild coyotle/plant deck work? (Thinking about a bit more oomph at the start with prophesized stat bonuses for example)

    I read about the Adaptron, which seems pretty nice, where to get it? Do I need to not set the robot free, but fight him instead or something?

    So, basically TL;DR:
    Where can you get what while playing the campaign?
    How to improve the Deck?

    Thanks alot and kind regards,

    PS: The reason I REALLY want to go mono-wild is because I love Druids, Shamans, Forest, nature-themed things. The wild/diamond Coyotle-Starter Deck isn't too bad either, is it considerably better? Is the coyotle-cleric the better choice for that type of deck, if mono-wild isn't feasible?
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    You can just pay 1000g to bribe your way through the blockade. That's what I do.

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    It was painful reading your decklist with all the card names more or less wrong. (I understand it was a translation)

    Yes, Mono-wild plant deck is doable to beat the entire campaign with. I've done it. However, the deck I played is something a F2P player would pass out looking at. You could make budget replacements, but it just makes the deck weaker. Hitchslap also posted a nice Plant themed deck to use in the campaign.

    Look at my old ABT series if you need an idea on the Strategy and Decklists forum (I think it was ABT 7?)

    For the encounter Yoss mentioned and you did as well, regarding the 3x Turreted Walls... Don't be stuborn, and just modify your deck for specific encounters. Wild has access to some of the best Artifact Removal in the game, and it's cheap common cards like Nature Reigns/etc.

    Look for ideas on the forums here if you have time, and can translate - I'll drop a link in here for the decks I mentioned shortly.

    Here is the link to the deck I dominated Wiktor with (cautionary note, it's nosebleed expensive):!/deck=53533

    Where can you get what while playing the campaign?
    Go to general forums here and look for: Team Clockwork's campaign guide.

    How to improve the Deck?

    Look at other decks for inspiration, don't be stubborn on thematic choices when you are limited financially on options. Explore adding cards that help you with specific encounters. Tune to the encounter, not the thematic.
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    Hey nicosharp,

    that's great, thanks. I saw the second deck in the Forum, but since it was Wild/Sapphire, I wouldn't like it too much. (Although two-coloured decks seem to be the way to go until you really get a lot of cards)

    Your deck also looks really cool and gave me some hints for cards to look for in the auction house (it's quite overwhelming to look for cards when you don't know what to look for. Searching for Plants didn't help too much :-D )

    And the campaign guide is pure gold, I googled for Guides like that but could only find beginner information. The indepth info on packs, what race gets what where, how the shroom houses work etc. was exactly what I was looking for

    Now the plan of action seems to be to get 3 more Coyotles going first (I'll just go with a second cleric followed by warrior and priest I think) and try to get ahold of some Adaptotrons with the Gear along with those Sun Priests and other coyotle gear and then go from there.
    Sadly a deck consisting of plants as the only creatures (and maybe the odd plant-caster/druid guy) doesn't seem to cut it (yet), so I'll have time until new sets for that anyway .

    The one card I was kind of missing in your deck were plant gardens, why didn't you put some in there instead of for example the crocosaurus? Are they too slow? They wouldn't be too bad for the decks' idea I think.

    Again, thanks for the input

    @Yoss: Yeah, I could do that, but it feels kind of cheap I want to beat every challenge, not bribe my way around it

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    Great! Glad it helped you out.
    Yes, Plant Gardens are a bit too slow in a deck that at least for me, I was trying to ramp into threats. My early game was poor. If I had a better early game, I may consider Plant Gardens. Crocosaur is just one of those cards that doesn't really have a replacement, he is a threat and removal all in 1. I consider him a 3-for-1 or 2-for-1 in almost all scenarios.

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    Little hint:
    Instead of translating a card name, you could look it up on TCGbrowser based on its properties. That gives you the card's actual name .

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