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Thread: Any chance we could get an update on the exchange rate issue?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kroan View Post
    It really doesn't. Just because the exchange rate changes, doesn't mean I actually pay more or less for products. My 5 euro is still the same % of my salary as 2 years ago. The xbox one still costs the same as 2 years ago. Exchange rates usually don't influence current prices over such a short time. If it would, people would moan and stop buying every time the prices go up. It's a bit naive to think there is no argument at that point
    Actually for whatever stupid reason companies stay right on top of the price Canadians pay based on exchange rates. Back in 2014 new video games were $60 CDN and $60 USD. Today a new video game is $80 CDN and $60 USD.

    Anyway, a few posts back people were starting to hit on the issue. Americans are complaining because they are getting screwed right now. Europeans are find because everything is the same. If the exchange rate went the other way Europeans would be complaining because they were getting screwed and Americans would be happy because everything is the same.

    Canadians are grumbling but we're used to getting shafted by exchange rates to USD it's just especially bad right now. If however the CDN bounces back above the USD like it was years ago Canadians would be getting a better deal than Americans.

    I have no idea what a good solution to any of this is since no matter what HexEnt and GF do someone is going to get screwed over. At the end of the day the real world economy and exchange rates means the affordability of Hex is in flux for anyone without a fixed plat to <local currency> purchasing option. If they introduce a bunch of fixed plat to <local currency> options than some countries get better deals at different times.

    End of the day some people are going to get the bad end of the stick. I don't Americans are accustomed to that being them.

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    This discussion is really kind of amazing. You guys realize, that it ONLY came up, because a company did something amazing and rare:
    At market start, they actually _converted_ the value of their product to its EURO value. They obviously decided for the exchange rate at that time.

    Because other than that, it's completely normal.
    The Euro and the Dollar zone are treated as separate markets and products are seeded with different prices. Usually that's the dollar amount simply taken unconverted as Euro amount.

    So USUALLY for our friends in the US, the dollar fluctuating in this equation isn't a big deal. I have yet to hear a complain't a'la:

    "Hey, the Euro zone used to have to pay 35% more than us for an iPhone, but NOW they only have to pay 15% more. That's unfair, please fix their prices so they have to pay 35% more again!"

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    Something else occurred to me about all this talk of "preserving the value of our collections" and the claims that the different currencies purchasing power effects the value of our collections.

    Again, being Canadian and the fact that in most of my day to day life $1 is $1 and the only places my $1 is worth significantly less are in digital spaces, my collection is actually worth MORE today than it was 2 years ago. The fact that 2 years ago a 1400 plat card was worth $14 from my perspective and today it's worth $19.17 shouldn't be ignored.

    The only reason to even talk about the "value of our collections" is if you assume you can convert your cards/plat back to REAL money in some way or another. In which case from my perspective my collection has increased in value by about 37% because $1 CDN is still $1 CDN to me.

    If however we are not assuming any way to convert cards/plat back to REAL money than this whole argument is stupid because plat is plat and the fact that someone else buys slightly more doesn't actually tangibly effect the value of plat for an individual. It could be perceived that it does in a sense because it theoretically gives greater purchasing power to European players but then games like Hex always have people with vast ranges of purchasing power and where they reside hardly seems like a relevant point.

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    The point is that you are valuing the 1400 plat card at $14 usd but the current prices mean that its actually not worth $14 usd because even though it costs $14 for 1400 platinum you can also get the platinum for 10 euros which is equivalent to $15 cdn or $11.12 usd.

    Because there are 2 values for platinum the true value is the lower of the 2. This process deflates the value of platinum when the USD is strong compared to the Euro 2 years ago.

    The current system punishes those who are required to transact in USD due to a choice by the company issuing the product rather than global currency fluctuation. If you are happy with this that is fine but some aren't. Anyone with an expectation that 100 platinum would be $1 feels that should be maintained.
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    Nothing to add, just waiting for an orange response.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lafoote View Post
    Nothing to add, just waiting for an orange response.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Malicus View Post
    The point is that you are valuing the 1400 plat card at $14 usd
    Actually my point is I'm NOT valuing 1400 plat at $14 USD. I'm Canadian so I value 1400 plat at $19.16 cdn because in my life as a Canadian in Canada I don't care about the value of plat in USD except in regards to the exchange rate. I think in Canadian dollars. You think in American dollars. Europeans think in Euros.

    I understand your point about the fact I could get 1400 platinum for 10 euros but then is the problem that people in Europe get that price or is the problem the fact that people outside Europe can get that price? If nobody outside of Europe could but platinum for Euros would there even be a problem?

    As far as I understand it the only way to buy platinum in Euros when you reside in NA is to make use of a third party website which is effectively a grey market. I tend towards the opinion that the problem is the grey market more than it is the system within Hex.

    Again, all of this is only relevant if you assume there is a way to turn your collection back into real money. If you perceive Hex as an investment upon which you expect a cash return then obviously the cost of the investment is relevant because it directly impacts your profits when you cash out. However, if you perceive Hex as a form of entertainment then the cost only relevant in so far as you feel the entertainment you receive is worth the price of admission.

    If Hex is a investment from which profit is the end goal then clearly the real world exchange rate is relevant. If however Hex is entertainment then HexEnt should be trying to ensure the product has a value proposition that is acceptable to people in as many regions as possible. There's a damn good reason why the price of most products has not increased by 37% as a result of the devaluing of the Canadian dollar. The companies need to sell products and consumers can't afford 37% price hikes over 2 years when salaries remain the same.

    As a form of entertainment Hex has to remain affordable. I can promise you most people do not perceive TCGs as financial investments.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kroan View Post
    I don't mean to be an ass. But rather than tie-ing 100:$1 and screw europeans over (as the OP suggests), why not adjust the dollar price to the euro-equivalant... after all, all payment goes through europe anyway, so that'd be the most logical and fair to all parties.

    I didn't suggest it be tied to usd, that was hxe's intention from the kickstarter, it is an american game, but in my post creating this topic I even said I don't care if it is tied to USD or Euro, as long as it is tied to something and updated frequently. No less than once a month.

    The individual currency buying power falling (IE: the canadian issue) is a problem with anything that tries to tie multiple currencies together. That will happen at various times to every single currency that isn't the base currency, and we'll just have to deal with it. But not updating the prices as has been done will only hurt the market as a whole, and make the actual value of the platinum unsteady. This is bad if collection value is important. Some argue F collection value. That's fine those people are free to feel that way. The game was launched and predicated on a much different philosophy, and if they intend to change that, they need to change it, and deal with the fallout of that. Ignoring the issue just hurts everyone, though.
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    I think in NZ $ and can transact in Euros if I want so the current system favours me if I wanted to buy platinum though my collection is currently worth more than I am likely to spend on platinum in the near future so in true terms the devaluing of platinum is against my best interests.

    The availability of Euros outside Europe isn't necessarily relevant because its within the terms of service to buy or sell a card for US$ - so someone could purchase platinum for Euros then sell a card for US$ and make a profit assuming there was not knowledge of this system being available. The result of knowledge is that the value of the card in US$ falls as a result of this system being available.

    In real terms whichever currency you transact in other than Euros your collection is devalued relative to 2 years ago (given sufficient information) unless people are unaware of the dual currency system in which case they potentially lose out because they are unaware that they are potentially overpaying. So either there is a real effect or those aware of the system are able to game it - neither of which is particularly positive.

    The problem is that correcting this issue is zero sum and currently there is advantage for the Euro so it may be that this is the preferred system if that market is more relevant to Gameforge but its not unreasonable to expect at least some recognition that an issue does exist and whether it will be corrected or this is how things should be.

    TBH i'm not overly invested since I have no plans to cash out currently and have no need to purchase platinum currently.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Unspecified View Post
    Again, being Canadian and the fact that in most of my day to day life $1 is $1 and the only places my $1 is worth significantly less are in digital spaces,
    That would mean you're either living in a rural backwater entirely sustained by a local market or you're talking BS.

    Anything imported from the dollar driven global market has to be subject to currency fluctuations. It may be possible that those are cushioned temporarily by manufacturers or importers taking a hit on their profits and keeping the prices constant for you, but in the long run that would not be sustainable.

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