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Thread: Patch notes

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    Patch notes

    From Gameforge Hex site, here you go!


    • Terms of Service checkbox now remembers your check
    • Players that are awarded more than one pack in a reward window can now open both of them from the award window without an error message
    • F5, F8, and F10 now work correctly
    • You can now use F5, F8, F10, and Spacebar to proceed past the “Look” or “Reveal” prompts
    • Making multiple changes in settings now correctly applies all changes
    • When cards are only revealed to one player it will now say “Observed Cards” and not “Revealed Cards”
    • Fixed the image on Primal Shard
    • Fixed the image on Starsphere
    • Fixed the image on Sepulchra Crypt Dust
    • The globe model has been visually updated
    • Combat indicator lines have been improved and given end points
    • Combat lines correctly link to player health number with added VFX
    • Combat damage effects have been improved and camera shake has been added
    • Charge power highlights are now scaling correctly independent of screen resolution
    • Targeting cursor and lines have been changed to teal
    • Battle damage has new sound effects
    • Lighting has been improved for the glass shatter effect on the victory screen
    • AI Champion portraits in the Arena are no longer stretched
    • The in-game portraits of several PvP champions have been centered so they look better
    • PvE cards now display correctly in the Auction House
    • Gameplay prompt text is now more clear and has been moved up toward the center of the game screen
    • Game settings can now be accessed from the login screen
    • You are now correctly prompted to save your deck after only modifying equipment for your deck
    • The Create Champion button has been slightly moved for balance
    • Hints no longer appear on top of the options menu
    • Hints for Card Manager and Talents now correctly close if you leave these screens
    • The background shader will now cover the entire screen in all resolutions
    • The Arena now correctly allows players to have a max hand size of 10
    • Keyword abilities within Shift abilities are now colored green
    • The options menu no longer opens up behind the talent tree
    • Adjusting sound settings will no longer causes footsteps sound effect to loop
    • Linking extended art cards in chat now functions properly
    • Fixed various bugs in the settings menu that could cause issues when resetting defaults
    • You will now properly exit Card Manager if you are prompted to save an unsaved deck while exiting
    • Multiple issue surrounding extended art cards and the ability to extend art for all copies of a card should be resolved
    • Card Manager now has a “Show Unique Only” filter that can be used to only display unique cards
    • Card Manager no longer has a Promo Rarity under Advanced Filters, and promo cards can be found by using the “Show Promo Only” filter
    • It is now easier to drag and drop chests and packs into Kismet’s Dais while in any resolution
    • An opening hand will now properly display when you open the Test Draw window in Card Manager
    • You can now scroll down to see more cards in the Test Draw window
    • Opponent’s hand is no longer partially obscured by new battleboard geometry
    • Adjusting sound settings after visiting the Auction House will no longer cause the Auction House music to start to play again
    • Improved the error given when saving a deck with a banned card like Titania’s Majesty to indicate that it is banned for tournament formats only
    • Hyperlinking to champions in card text such as Holy Ascension now works correctly
    • Convocation Packs should no longer appear as Primal Chests in your stash


    • Dungeon lives no longer incorrectly display as full after a victory following a loss
    • Players can no longer get into a state where they can lose access to the second Killipede encounter after talking to White Hawk
    • Deleting a campaign champion no longer can prevent cards used by that champion from being auctioned or traded
    • The White Heart equipment now shows up correctly in Adventure Pack 1
    • Blocking with a large number of troops no longer causes the AI to become unresponsive
    • The Brink Ridge encounter now correctly remains red (impassable) if a player is defeated when returning from Smoldering Dead
    • The campaign deck manager message no longer will continue to appear if you have selected the “Don’t show this again” checkbox
    • The option to bribe at Brink Ridge no longer appears if you do not have enough gold for the bribe
    • The Shin’hare campaign starting deck has been updated to be more accessible and in line with other racial decks. Existing players will have the new cards for this deck added to their collection
    • Updated the dialog for the Gates of the Bleak Citadel in the Usurper dungeon
    • All Shroomkin Haus’ now spell their name correctly
    • The entrance to the Usurper dungeon now correctly has text and image in the info panel
    • Fortune of Sapphire’s +1 card in starting hand now correctly persists through redrawing your hand
    • Soul of Raqqar no longer incorrectly drops from Devonshire packs
    • Blight Steed now correctly drops from Devonshire packs
    • Several typos have been fixed in dialog throughout the campaign
    • The Chained Goliath fight in Smoldering Dead has been updated
    • The Scrap Welder fight in Crayburn Castle has been updated
    • The Savage Lord fight has been updated
    • The Corrupt Dryad fight has been updated
    • Corrupt Dryad’s charge power now reads: “[BASIC] [BLOOD][WILD]: [4], Pay 3 health [ARROWR] Create two Seed Pods and put them into play.”
    • Voracious Vultures has had its rarity moved from AI-only to Rare
    • Voracious Vultures now correctly drops as a reward from defeating the Ancient Thorn Night encounter in Smoldering Dead. Players will retroactively be awarded this card for each time they defeated this encounter
    • The Orc Female Cleric has a new portrait image
    • The Mage talent Mental Superiority has had its image updated
    • The Necrotic talent Life After Death is now properly granting only 10% bonus experience
    • Players can no longer complete a quest but fail to have the quest removed from their quest book
    • The champion charge button will now reflect your class while in the campaign
    • The XP bar now accurately represents your progress below 15% and above 85% of a level
    • Resetting your talents now correctly clears out previously learned talents
    • Choosing a talent will no longer visually prevent your XP bar from increasing
    • The Talent Reset button will no longer function while still choosing to spend unsaved talent points
    • Campaign Card Manager will now show more detailed validation errors when attempting to save an invalid deck
    • Playing the same difficulty level of the Army of Myth encounter after already defeating that difficulty will now correctly reward XP and gold
    • Usurper dungeon rewards have been reduced to be in line with Fort Romor rewards
    • Smoldering Dead dungeon rewards have been adjusted to the original intent
    • Defeating the Killipede at Valley of Sighs now rewards 3 pieces of equipment instead of gold
    • Defeating the Killipede at Skittering Ridge now rewards an extra 200 gold and 1x Adventure Pack 1
    • Defeating Elimination Specialist at Eagle Mesa now rewards an extra 200 gold
    • When you mouse over the 3 card options at a Shroom Haus, you can now see how many copies you already own
    • You can now talk to appropriate NPCs in Ambling Mesa/Cave-In after turning in the quests there
    • Dream Eagle in Tranquil Dream will no longer gain large amounts of health if you attack him with a Silver Talon Senator that he created for you
    • Wyatt should no longer reappear in the Cave-In after completing Smoldering Dead
    • Excavation Bot at The Scar will no longer steal your name for his champion portrait
    • Chained Goliath in Smoldering Dead will no longer display a hand size of 7 when he has 0 cards in hand
    • Spell Sprite’s art should now load properly

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    • Uzume, Grand Concubunny’s ability now works correctly
    • Ghost Sentinel has had its cost raised from 2 to 6, its attack raised from 2 to 5, and its defense raised from 2 to 5
    • Players can now correctly back out of the crypt choice UI if they haven’t made a selection
    • Prevent Damage effects are now working correctly
    • Constants prophesied by Indigo Dreamwalker can now be played properly
    • Infiltrate no longer prevents the game from proceeding
    • Crimson Clarity modified by Crimson Copperhead no longer prevents the game from proceeding
    • Wretched Brood modified by Visage of the Brood no longer prevents the game from proceeding
    • Minor Ruby of Flames no longer prevents artifact troops from blocking
    • Blocking troops that die and return to play no longer continue to block in that combat
    • The invincible icon now correctly shows up on non-troop artifacts when you are the Paragon of Righteousness
    • Disciple of Yazukan now correctly removes soul counters when it is played from the crypt
    • Mindpyre Wraith’s passive power no longer incorrectly displays next to Mindpyre Wraith’s champion portrait
    • Equipped versions of faction based campaign troops now have their correct faction
    • All equipment for Darad, the Scourgeblade; Orson’s Dream; Prospero, Sylvan Enchanter; Princess Cory; and Ninja Training now correctly modify their respective cards
    • The Mage talent Worldly Knowledge now works correctly
    • The Cleric talent Blessing of the Immortals now works correctly
    • The Human talent Heroism now works correctly
    • Sir Giles Rowan’s charge power now works correctly
    • Gareth Kay’s inspire power now works correctly
    • Pucid the Matchmaker is now correctly unique
    • Paragon of Righteousness can no longer be chosen as a random champion
    • Howling Ambush now reads: “Reveal a troop from your hand. Deal damage to target troop that entered play this turn equal to the revealed troop’s [ATK].”
    • Legionnaire of Gawaine now reads: “When this enters play, this deals 1 damage to all opposing champions and troops for each car that inspired it.”
    • Sadistic Castigator now reads: “Flight When an opposing champion draws a card, reveal it. This deals damage to them equal to the drawn card’s cost.”
    • Cerebral Fulmination now reads: “At the start of each champion’s turn, they draw a card.”
    • The Transcended now reads: “If you would draw a card, search your deck for a card and put it into your hand instead.”
    • Chronic Madness now reads: “Escalation: 4 Bury the top 4 cards of target champion’s deck.”
    • Crash of Beasts now reads: “Escalation: 1 Create 1 Rhinoceros and put it into play.”
    • Dreamer’s Vision now reads: “Escalation: 2 Create 2 random cards and put them into your hand.”
    • Eternal Youth now reads: “Escalation: 4 Gain 4 health.”
    • Ragefire now reads: “Escalation: 2 Deal 2 damage to target champion or troop.”
    • Relentless Corruption now reads: “Escalation: 1 Put the top 1 cards of target opposing champion’s deck into your hand. The thresholds of those cards all become [BLOOD].”
    • Escalation cards now have a tool tip that describes what they do in more detail
    • Angel of Judgement will no longer prevent the game from proceeding if the opponent does not have a troop to sacrifice
    • If Shardcall is prophesied it will no longer incorrectly pass those buffs onto the shards it creates
    • Circle of Preservation can now target champion powers that deal damage to players
    • Cards will no longer retain Soul Counters after being put into play with Genesis Cube
    • Heroic Echo modified by Heroes Armor no longer incorrectly increases the cost to 2
    • Stirring Oration modified by Poor Yorick will no longer return to hand if the player controls no elves
    • Skittering Skarn modified by Skarn Tail Skullguard will no longer incorrectly give Swiftstrike to other troops
    • Pucid, the Matchmaker modified by Matchmaker’s Mitts can no longer sacrifice himself
    • Dreamer’s Vision now properly says 2 cards will be put into hand
    • All action cards will properly be voided and will not resolve their card text if they are transformed into a troop and are later reverted while in play
    • Attacking or blocking troops who are transformed into non-troop cards, like Monument of the Martyr, will now correctly be removed from combat
    • The following cards have been updated to correctly show their faction
    • Spearcliff Cloud Knight
    • Buccaneer AA
    • Spearcliff Cavalier
    • Cerulean Sky Mage
    • Experienced Masons
    • Master of Masks
    • Nerissa
    • Whispering Breeze
    • Wildwood Beastcaller
    • Moqui
    • Mentor of the Song
    • Darkspire Punisher
    • Darkspire Punisher AA
    • Scarless Raider
    • Bloodpit Reaver
    • Zilth
    • Mentor of the Grave
    • Glendower
    • Junk Repurposer
    • Uzume’s Handmaiden
    • Sora
    • Blasphemous Horror
    • Princess Daphne


    • Modifying the champion of a limited deck after saving a valid deck, but failing to save again before the timer runs out, will no longer allow a player to use that unsaved champion selection in games 2 and 3 of a match
    • Sleeves selected while deckbuilding will now be preserved through games 2 and 3 of a match
    • Tournament screen should now always populate with available queues
    • T1 and T2 tiebreakers inside tournaments should no longer overlap

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    Lots of fixes, sounds good to me.
    Also glad they are fixing the auction house.

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    Wow, much bigger than expected. Thanks for posting.
    And Yay for AH PvE listings!

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    I wonder how Chained Goliath was changed, and what the change of rewards from that dungeon mean.

    "The Chained Goliath fight in Smoldering Dead has been updated"
    "Smoldering Dead dungeon rewards have been adjusted to the original intent"

    I also wonder if there is any improvement on the crash to desktop issue some of us are having.

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    Lot of stuff that pissed me off will be fixed.. Nice one

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    Quote Originally Posted by LNQ View Post
    [*]Sleeves selected while deckbuilding will now be preserved through games 2 and 3 of a match

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    F5, F8, and F10 now work correctly <- thank god :P
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    Blocking troops that die and return to play no longer continue to block in that combat
    So Spiritbound Spy's transformation no longer kills a 2/1 Swiftstrike?

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