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Thread: Frost Ring Challenges not happening

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    Frost Ring Challenges not happening

    The Challenges happening in the Frost Ring Arena are shown, but the announced effect like "plays a Headless Executioner" or "starts with a Shrine of Prosperity in play" does not occur. At least in Tier1, adding info if that applies to further tiers also when I arrived there.

    -> Shrine of Prosperity suddenly appears upon its effect being triggered when opponent draws a card

    Ok, reached tier2, fight started with the booby trap challenge (not sure if it was properly announced since I got disconnected) and then the Command Tower Challenge got announced and the card was correctly played.
    I'm not sure if it is intended that I got 2 challenges in the same fight now, but what for sure isn't correct, is that, as you can see by the card count on the stacks (no card played in this match so far), the booby traps weren't placed:

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    I also got two challenges in a single fight, which is just a visual bug

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    Challenges also, in some instances have messed up the game-board. And Challenge rewards. (1600x900 Windowed Mode)
    Like the Arena Brawler will start nearly off-screen. Other troops played will go-into play on the line above as normal but arena brawler will stay in a weird position.

    Or the Headless Executioner challenge troop will be nearly off-screen, and stay there.

    Very difficult when trying to block, and/or toggle de-toggle attack.

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    Same as Nico. Arena Brawler begins in the basement, below the button, and if i summon something else, the Arena Brawler go up to normal spot, and the new guy plays in the basement. After this point is hectic who sit in the basement and who go to the normal spot.

    1920*1080 fullscreen

    client version

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    This becomes even more weird:

    Also had the Arena Brawler buff, but it was out of sight, playing a troop (which hid behing my hand) didn't fix it, so I did ALT-F4, now look what I got upon reconnecting:

    I wonder why suddenly so much is acting weird in the FR, can't remember anything got changed or fixed there, shouldn't have changed at all...

    Oh, before I get the standard (Did you try turning your computer off and on again? :P) advice, my resolution is already down to 1366x768.

    Do you also see a 2nd Arena Brawler? Or am I just hallucinating again?

    (Seems to be an irritating visual bug)
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    I got a Fulmination Challenge, but the card didn't appear on the table. However, i draw 2 cards, so the effect was up.

    On the opponent next turn the card popped, but the next troop what he played, went under it.

    client version:

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    And another curiosity. Venma came across a challenge never seen before:

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    Please note this is a visual issue only, no active challenges are being added to the encounter.

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