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Thread: Latest Brew - SoulShield

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    Latest Brew - SoulShield

    by Wurtil

    SaDOlution’s DW Rutherford Banks deck is proving that it was far more than a one-tournament wonder as it continues to make its presence felt in Gauntlet and the FiveShards Weekly tournaments. Cressida Ramp is back on the rise in Gauntlet to presumably push its speed advantage and capitalize upon the lack of aggressive strategies. While WS Winter Moon and Mono Blood continue to be major players, we are seeing unique decks continuing to be developed – from Havoc’s Winter Moon Gambit deck pushing the Winter Moon draw engine to the extreme, all the way down to KingGabriel’s Baby Yeti aggro. One theme about many of these changes though, is that we are seeing more troops clogging up the board now than we have in some time. While this leads to things like Charge Colossus being a kingmaker as people try to go through opposing troops, another approach we can take is to go around them...
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