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Thread: The Gnome Quest Advice

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    The Gnome Quest Advice

    Does anyone else find it frustrating that you must rescue 60 of these little guys?

    I'm a new player who plans to give feedback eventually from a new player perspective, but I'm trying to play the game enough to buff out any silly biases or hasty judgements I might put on the game. I've played a few characters, spent some gold and build a decent Coyotle deck that I enjoy playing, as well as a similar one for Arena. I've been able to be some of the optional fights that I couldn't in the first PvE run through I had, and now I'm able to defeat the easy path of the worms fairly easily, the right side takes some luck on the third battle though.

    I took 8 gnomes on the first time through, thinking that this was just a number to modify the effect they'd have on play or the reward, and was frustrated to find you have to run this quest until you rescue all 60. I feel like for newer players, it's a frustrating point, the fights aren't necessarily easy, you can't take too many gnomes with you because you'll be relying on luck even more, and the fights themselves offer a paltry 20 xp reward with no gold. Thus far, it's the low point for me in the PvE experience, and I've been looking forward to experiencing more of the content I have heard players mentioning while reading the forums.

    Any advice for a Coyotle Cleric playthrough at this point to make the wormoids go more quickly? I'm running some of the basic deck, throwing things in like Adamanthian Scriveners, Righteous Paladin, Protectorate Clergymen, Prophet of the Sun and many of the prophecy cards, and generally have little issue ramping up some troops to turn the tide. With the way the wormoids tunnel though, it just feels frustrating.

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    I resonate with the frustration. With my CoyoCler I built my deck up to 100 cards and then just took all 60 gnomes. Since there's no penalty for failure, I just banged my head against the wall (left hand path) over and over until I got a good draw (like having Divine Altar and one or two clerics in hand) or the computer failed. Note, I have only ever played as if I was F2P so far; I'm not using anything a new player couldn't have.

    The optimal choice is probably to use a 60 card deck and take 10 or 12 at a time. It's mind numbing no matter what you do, unless you have a powerhouse card collection to bring in.

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    Glad I'm not the only one. I ended up doing similar, after a few times back and forth 12 seemed a sweet spot. My deck handles it really well if I get a troop or two I can ramp pretty sometimes I was conceding if I didn't get an ideal hand, essentially fishing for a good hand to make it easy. I feel like doing that is a bit cheap, but whatever makes it faster works for me.

    I feel like 30 would be a more reasonable amount, now that I got used to running through it. That way to me, three times for a relatively new F2P player, 2 runs taking 15 for a more experienced player who has tweaked a deck some, and probably a single run for the experienced experts. I've blown through so much more content beyond them, and this still remains the only part I dread having to do in new runs for packs.

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    I did it with one deck, just for the novelty (18, 18, 24), but have been skipping the event since, even though i didn't need too many tries then.
    The pitiful reward isn't worth the hassle, tbh.

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    I do 30 at a time, so 2 trips. I got close on 60 but its too brutal lol.

    30 is bad enough.

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