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Thread: Zin'xith silk Not giving a choice

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    Zin'xith silk Not giving a choice

    The last 3 times I played a Zin'xith Silk I have not been given a choice between shards or spider eggs. It simply gives a resource and charge and that's it - no additional pop up at all. As someone else pointed out, the image is also compressed, but, I figured that this was a separate issue so I should make a new thread.

    It was during the Devonshire Keep Dungeon. The last one was during the Wiktor fight. The first two might have been during the Spitfire Elemental fight or the first Wiktor (Cloaked Figure) fight; I can't remember.

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    Zinxilth silk has requirment to work. U 99% ididnt met it.
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    Did you have a vennen in your hand or in play? Allegiance requires you to have a troop of that race or class in order for the effect to apply

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    It's entirely possible that I did not meet the allegiance requirements. It has worked since I posted this thread. I'll keep an eye out, but you're both probably right - its so rare that the Vennen deck doesn't meet the requirements I assumed a bug must be happening. Whoops!

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