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Thread: Like Terrorantulas? Is Xarlox your wimpy cousin? Have some Terrormill.

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    I've been tweaking this during the day and I've got a variation I'm happy with: I've got 2 perfect runs in a row with this now (with a couple of minor tweaks in between):

    4 x Phenteo's Gift (Weapon and Chest equip)
    4 x Chronic Madness
    4 x Arcane Focus

    4 x Nazhk Lookout
    4 x Lunacy (Trinket equip)
    2 x Cracking Wit

    4 x Oracle Song
    4 x Crackling Rot (Boots equip)
    4 x Chaotic Murmurs (Head equip)

    4 x Dream Eagle (Glove equip)

    9 x Blood Shard
    9 x Sapphire Shard
    4 x Shard of Cunning

    The trick here is that you are always either milling, adding spiders, or drawing for cards that do those things. You can get away with fewer resources because none of your cards cost more than 3 (you should always be using Dream Eagle to dig for Phenteo's or mill). You can get away with a lot with this version, because the extra card draw helps get you what you need. Basically any hand that has a blood shard and a Phenteo's in is an auto-keep, and if you have that plus some mill and a sapphire shard it's usually going to be an easy win.
    The Crackling actions help build charges to pop off your charge power a couple of extra times, but honestly the Crackling Rots are very situational. You could swap them out for anything else you wanted without losing too much (I've had Kills, Extinctions, Twisted Fate and a few other cards in this slot and most of them end up never being used.) You could switch the numbers on Crackling Rot and Crackling Wit easy enough - I just went this way to get more out of the boot equipment.
    The shards might look a bit odd - there are way more sapphire cards than blood, but the shards are equal. This is because being able to play Phenteo's Gift is obviously super important. The deck can mill aggressively enough to win without them if it comes down to it, but Phenteo's is really what the deck is all about so you need to be able to play it without fail.
    I dropped Scroll of Yazukan because, while it is cool and does work well enough in the deck, it simply wasn't comparing to the work the spiders were doing - it made more sense to replace them with stuff that would more actively reach that goal. Still, you could probably swap the Crackling Rots out for the Scrolls with no problem.
    I'm probably going to swap out the crackling rots for another crackling wit and some psychic torments to help close out the game once the first terrorantula hits, but we'll see how that goes.
    If anyone tries this version out, let me know how it goes!
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    I added 2 scheme for lots more gifts. there are times i wish i had extinction tho. the 2 opponents with the bot that gets huge with charges always makes me wish i had some sort of removal ready to go.

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    @ Icepick - How do you do without extinction? Do you think it would work without chronic madness? I'm interested because the variant I tried today wouldn't have done well without extinction. Also, it'd be good for the many budget and f2p peeps if there was a working version without chronic madness or extinction. Aside from the chronic madness, your variant is pretty achievable for f2p.

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    Here's the version I'm running:

    Nin the Shadow

    x4 Phenteo's Gift (weapon & chest equip)
    x4 Nazhk Lookout (trinket equip)
    x2 Azurefate Sorceress (Flight and mill gems)
    x2 Archmage Wrenlocke

    x4 Lunacy
    x4 Chronic Madness

    x4 Extinction
    x4 Morphology (glove equip)
    x4 Polymorph: Dingler (boots and head equip)
    x4 Arcane Focus

    x4 Shard of Cunning
    x10 Blood Shard
    x10 Sapphire Shard

    I don't think that Chaotic Murmurs is worth it without the head gear. You get free milling early on, but it's not that valuable because it can't trigger Terrorantulas. I've also regretted early milling before with Malice Demon, Uzume, and Darkspire Enforcer. The less cards in the deck does increase the chances of hitting a Terrorantula, but I'm still not convinced it's worth it.

    I usually found that my losses were due to shard screw and/or not getting Phenteo's Gifts out quickly. The Dream Eagles with the gloves were great for one draw, but still not enough. So I shifted to more draw with Wrenlocke, Morphology, and Polymorph: Diggler. I found that Morphology with the gloves was even better than the Dream Eagles - if you play it early, it's usually worth at least a few draws and it removes early enemies. Polymorph: Dingler with the equipment also doubles as extra removal + card draw.

    Azurefate Sorceresses with the mill + flight gems mill 4 cards on their own, but also turn any Terrorantulas into flying terrors that mill 10 cards on entry. Usually if one comes out with the Azurefate inspiration, it cascades into a series that wipes out the full enemy deck. I'm still not entirely sure that this is the best option for the slot as it's a little of a win-more card, but since the sorceresses mill on their own, the cascade kills them on the start of the turn instead of after the Terrorantulas attack, and it is quicker in real-time so I think it might very well be worth it. Besides, flying spiders are awesome.
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    yea i took out oracle songs and added back in extinctions, i also was pondering archmage wrenlock and stalker of malbrass(with boots) for card draw. I do like the 2 schemes they were a nice addition in place of the crack wits. And Creature I would try to invest in all 4 of the escalation cards and extinction, as as time goes by they will only go up in price imo.

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    I have extinction, just not chronic madness. I wouldn't mind to have it, of course, but there are many cards that mill. They probably will go up in price, but I can run mill decks without them (just not as effective obviously). No replacement for extinction though so I thankfully got those back when they were less than half the price they are now.

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    Quote Originally Posted by creature View Post
    @ Icepick - How do you do without extinction? Do you think it would work without chronic madness? I'm interested because the variant I tried today wouldn't have done well without extinction. Also, it'd be good for the many budget and f2p peeps if there was a working version without chronic madness or extinction. Aside from the chronic madness, your variant is pretty achievable for f2p.
    In the 2 runs through the arena I did with that variant, I never missed Extinction once. As long as you are keeping reasonably sensible starting hands, you will never need it because the spiders come out so quickly that they easily keep on top of the enemy's board state, and crackling rot helps handle early aggression. Not so sure how well it would work without Chronic Madness though - you really do need a lot of mill to ensure you hit your spiders ASAP. Still, you could potentially switch it out for something else, maybe another mill troop or something.
    Azurefate Sorceress is probably a good option if you have those - in my variant they are probably just a win-more card like Kilo24 said, but if you are running without Chronic Madness they might help if you are running other troops to help get things rolling. I might actually try them out anyway in place of Crackling Rot.

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    Here is the version I've been testing. Ran it through arena twice. Perfect clear both times. Zoltog put me in a tight spot that was only fixed by an extinction, except for that fight, I never needed to use it. Morphology + Gloves = fantastic, btw.

    The deck feels slow to play, although much faster than your typical spider deck. I don't have chronic madness to compare, but I imagine the other versions are faster - although I'm gonna venture a bold guess and say mine is more consistent because of the Exarch of the Egg, which keeps you safe a long time. Other versions seem to need to find Phenteo's Gift fast and/or extinction to buy some time, or die, but I won several gamers without ever seeing either. But again, I imagine the other decks have good ways to dig and tend to win faster. Anyway, the Runewebs were not usually useful because of lots of cheap removal that took them out more often than not. They usually just added a couple eggs because of Exarch and maybe a discard because of Nazhk. I will probably try swapping them out for Arcane Focus next and see if that speeds it up a bit.

    4 Nazhk Lookout (2) S [Trinket Equip]
    4 Exarch of the Egg (2) B
    4 Runeweb Infiltrator (2) S [Boots Equip]
    1 Phenteo (3) BB
    1 Zilith (4) BS

    4 Phenteo's Gift (1) B [Weapon & Chest Equip]
    4 Lunacy (2) S
    4 Chaotic Murmur (3) S [Head Equip]
    4 Morphology (2) [Gloves Equip]
    2 Crackling Rot (3) B
    3 Extinction (4) BB

    2 Scroll of Yazukan (2)
    1 Fifth Book (3)

    9 Blood Shard
    9 Sapphire Shard
    3 Shard of Cunning
    1 Zilth (sp?) Silk

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    So I replaced the Oracle Songs with Azurefate Sorceress (flight+mill gems) and the Dream Eagles with Morphology and it seems to be a bit more forgiving in the hands that you can keep. The only fight it really has any trouble with is the Malice Demon (which can pull stuff out of the crypt with its charge power and put it straight into play with speed), but it's doable as long as you keep a sensible starting hand.
    Pretty happy with where my version of this is now, so I'm probably going to stop tweaking. Thanks for the cool deck idea, Quantius!

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    I like what ya did icepick i ran a perfect run with it, albeit I still used 2 schemes in place of crak wits. It increases my chances of a phent gift tremendously. Definitely the funnest mill deck I have played to date. And I think if peeps don't have Chronic Madness it can still be done with a substitute as chronic hasn't been the game winner for me yet. I usually average 2 chronic plays a match

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