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Thread: Like Terrorantulas? Is Xarlox your wimpy cousin? Have some Terrormill.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Quantius View Post
    It's less consistent from what I found, BUT I devised a new deck, a meaner deck to replace it. The OP has been updated for those interested in Flaming Terrormill!
    I like the name. Cards are good too, but I will likely be avoiding more tri+shard decks due to knowing how consistently slow the decks are trying to hit threshold with conditional shards, adds turns to the clock, for an already slow deck. Of course, having early birds now, in hand, do not offer the same power they did before, but I'd still run them over alternatives.

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    The game state curve is what saves this tri-shard from failure I think. Purging Flames has double ruby (only double in the deck too), but while you can have it up by T3, it's generally something that you use on T5-T7 as a huge bomb that either ends or pretty much cinches the game. And Phenteo's Gift is the only Blood Shard in the deck, so while it's an important card, it's easy to have it as splash when I've got 9 potential Blood Shard sources + 2 Adaptable Infusion Devices. I didn't have much difficulty in getting the shards up, but I will admit that too many dual shard draws can slow you down a bit. I may even go down to 2 of each dual shard, switch the Adaptable's with Immortal Tears and run more basic shards.

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    I think that switching azurefate sorceress for chaotic murmur might help, with quick/mill gems.
    I've found that with only a few eggs in the opponent's deck can land a one-turn mill with the combo, and the burn in this deck can stall for that combo most of the time.

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