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    HEX end-game is SUPER HARDMODE

    Hey there o/

    My opinion as a new player here, I got the game 3 days ago, loved it, basicely Magic the gathering complexity with a super great client animations/sounds, I love it and my hype metter goes crazy. But as I progressed into the game I figure out quickly that end game tournaments is SUPER HARDCORE MORE THAT MAKES ME JUST SAY WTF AND WANT TO LEAVE.


    End-game (tournaments) will drive me to DRAFTS (WTF is that ?) tournaments that last 2/3hours long (OKAY...) and cost around 7€ (WOW is it worse than P2W?). And I probably gonna do a LOT of crap my first games, with few chance to win anything and loose money, etc... Plus: basicely NOTHING helping you on the game to learn it, the learning curve is amazingly hard. You go from SUPER EASY PvE, to SUPER HARDMODE PvP. No tutorials, no easy tournaments, super hard to browse all cards, tournaments mode are basicely not explained, etc...

    My reaction ? Should I keep playing that game that sound like a scam to me, I gonna get beaten by super geeks playing it h24 on tournaments, or should i leave and play something more new player friendly ? I really though I was leaving. To me, this is the biggest issue of the game, tournaments are super hard for a new player perspective. 90% players will try HEX, try PvE, and be scared by tournaments. You have to learn how to draft, learn the meta, learn cards, see how to play, watch youtube, watch twitch, learn how to buy packs etc... You basciely have to study the whole game before jumping into tournaments... Nothing helps you to get there.


    - Easier and cheaper tournaments (Constructed, only commons/uncos, 1 pack to enter).
    - Simple matchmaking arenas: 1 pack to enter, if you win 10 games straight you win X packs.
    - Construct, Sealed, Draft, all those things should be explained with easy vidéo tutorials.
    - An easy card browser: Actual browser is not intuitive, it should be super easy to see and learn all cards.

    To me, the game miss a LOT of things between super easy PvE, and super hard learning curve mega hard mode tournaments. There should be tournaments/arenas in between to learn the game. Easy/cheap access tournaments, Easy/cheap arenas.

    It's like poker you know, you don't want to dive into a 50€ dollar table full of sharks in your first play, you want to try 1€ tables to learn the game before.
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    Sadly, you are right. I think the game took off beta tag to soon without setting up a more friendly interface who explaine how things work. The game only give newplayer gameplay information.
    Hex Ent is not skilled at all in com' strategy.

    These day, i do a lot of suisse draft, and i played against a tremendous number of players who played with a 60 cards decks... and loose dramaticly... And most of all, ragequit the draft without even try game 2 and 3.

    I try to explained how it works in tchat but they already throw 5 bucks through the windows and become very frustrated. And i wouldnt need to do that in a game not in beta anymore (maybe they even don't know they are two more game to play...)

    It's a real issue which could ring the bells of the game's dead if not adressed soon, imho
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    Welcome to hex first of all, I'm glad you like the PvE content and are considering entering tournaments.
    So tournaments are harder to get into sadly. That is the nature of most competitive games. You kind of need to just push through it sadly. 'worse than P2W' as you put it. It is entering the tournament same as all card games or other games for that matter.
    Also you don't have to pay any real money to enter these events. You can sell your cards and gold you get from PvE to get the platinum to buy the packs and get the entry fee. Also you keep all cards you take in drafts or sealed queues so you are only really paying the plat entry fee cost.

    I would suggest you do either swiss draft or Sealed gauntlet first. Swiss draft let's you see the drafting process but lets you play all 3 best of 3 rounds regardless so you can see other decks players maybe using and gives you a higher chance at winning something back. Sealed gauntlet costs a bit more to enter but let's you see all your cards and take more time making your deck. Each game of gauntlet is a single game where you get up to 5 wins or 3 loses before your out, the best part of gauntlet is that you can play the games when you want so you don't need to commit hours of your time.

    There is a way to see all the cards in hex. Go to your card manager and click the 'show all' box in filters. This will show you the cards in hex so you can understand more of what you might see. just remember that set 003 'armies of myth' is the only set currently used in the limited events.

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    Reeplay.... Thanks for your reply, but you really miss my point here.

    Explaining each new players they can do this, or that, or link them tutorials to help them get into tournaments, is not how you do great games. We are in 2016 people just try and quit games so easely now, we are spammed by so much games to play. You have to admit it's hard for a "random" new player to get into. I'm 35y old, bachelor +5 degree, full time employe, and it has be hard for me to learn how tournaments work (Draft, Cards, Meta, etc...). I've been watching twitch, youtube, guides, to basicely understand how tournaments work.

    It have to be easier to drive your population to tournament, more new player friendly, in the game not on tier websites, not reading guides and forums etc.... 95% of your audiance will try HEX, play PvE, then get the out as soon they realize how hard is tournaments. Learning curve is horrible, you have to fix it asap, not on forums, not on other tier websites, but in the actual game. I did the effort to read and learn a lot about HEX (eve HEX Website don't have a card browser....seriously ?) , i did that to learn HEX, but 95% of the audiance are super lazy 18/35 years old that will just uninstall the game as soon they reach anything too hard and difficult in a game, even more when they realise tournaments entrance is 7€ !

    they won't come on forums, they will just close the game, and launch DOTA 2 or Earthstone. Easier as that that's a fact.

    You have to fill this learning curves, you have to make "mid range" content that drives people interest into the game and bring them to competitive play. It's like having GuildWars 2 PvE and cash price Tournaments, without any arenas to train for those tournaments... It's like having a solo campagin in Call of duty and a 100,000€ cash price tournaments, without any serious arena to train for that tournament... you got the thing ? a piece is really missing.

    You will have 95% turnovers, only a few population of nerd fans will make the hard effort to learn and persist in tournaments.

    That's really bad :/
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    Pretty much sums it up.

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    Sadly, I believe this feedback is spot on.

    On the upside, the game has gotten better and better with each feature patch. Hopefully they can find resources to put onto the PvE-to-Tournaments transition systems and tutorials, because that's where they ultimately make most of their money.

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    7$ worse than P2W? Have you ever played any card game? like MTGO? Thats 14$ there and in mtg u cant earn your free currency by pve ...

    If poepple are too lazy to do research on a game and launch Heartsone instrad it clearly means it wasnt for them.

    Not that some of your points arent true. Game is bad explaining true. A lot of what u siad is correct
    it needs some tweaking but not too much

    Thaths kind of double edged sword. IF u worked hard for something you wil care about it and not let it go. IF u have got something easy or for free, you will not care mouch about it. "Easy come, easy go"

    Actualy having bunch of nerds isnt bad as you might think. Game is known from awesome community but huge part of it is beciase its small. I would rather have small buch of freindly nerds than giganit super toxic LOL, DOTA community. I played LoL before it grew big i know how it was on the begining and how it is now

    Most poeple wil disagree with me. But thats my point of view.
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    I can't comment from a fresh non-TCG player perspective, but anyone coming in with no experience of how something like MTG:O is structured and played competitively will easily feel jaded by the cost and experience here in-comparison to other games currently in the digital market space.

    I agree with Yoss on where the game is headed, and what we should see soon, 'hopefully'.

    This marketing model stands-alone in comparison to all other digital games right now. Heavily advise you read some material shared on the New Player forums, and do research before diving deeper... It doesn't address the lack of accessibility you have to this information in the client, but the community has provided the information elsewhere... as a short term solution to a larger issue that addresses the gaming demographic.

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    Well, nobody want Hex to become mainstream like HS but it still need more pvp players to survive. Until now, we can't say HexE made enough things to welcome new players with open arms. I was ok with that for a game in beta, that's worries me a lot now it's not anymore.

    Maybe they have a plan but the clock is ticking.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregangel View Post
    Maybe they have a plan but the clock is ticking.
    The clock is always ticking, but you can't shit out quality like it's a soft-serve yogurt machine.
    Luckily, there is nothing quite like HEX, and there won't be anything like it for quite some time. I fully anticipate more new player integrated cross-over content to competitive by the time az3 is here. (which may take a year or so, but I know they know what they need, how long it will take, and approx. when it will be released.)

    Beta tags were removed, but everyone that has been around for a while knows we are still not looking at a even remotely complete product.
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