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Thread: Booster draft format is ridiculous if players leave

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    There really isnt a perfect way to handle swiss pairings and prizes. You can only aim for something that is easy to understand and implement. Sure you could go and code a giant system to convert an 8 man tourney into a 7 6 5 or even 4 man one with prize payout but is the end result really worth it? There is a lot of coding and testing that goes into systems like this. Its a fairly large undertaking to get it up and running and concentrating on something fancy that is really unnecessary would be a waste of resources. Especially considering we are running late on the next expansion and PVE is still HEAVILY in development.

    Sometimes it is not an issue of being "fair" but of simple resources. If you spend what you have on something your not spending it on something else. Besides i feel the system is as fair as it can be currently. Even if you get a bye it doesnt mean your deck is weak so it should be a cointoss if your up against someone who has won or not. I mean you could have the literal god deck and get a bye.
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    This is kind of a part of why I play competitive draft. If I win at least a match, I get at least 2 packs. If I don't, I get to move on with my day.

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    It would be incredibly simple for them to implement Swiss as 3/2/2/2/1/1/1/0 (and I thought it already was). They already have the tie breaker system in place for other Swiss tournaments, so they'd just apply that here and they're done.

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