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Thread: Ruby and Sapphire Necrotic

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    Ruby and Sapphire Necrotic

    Is there any reason given in the lore that Necrotic all have Diamonds for their eyes/souls/whatever?

    Is there any reason there could not be Ruby eye Necrotic, or Sapphire eye Necrotic?

    Or do those exist and I just missed it.

    Because I was thinking that there could be interesting stories for those. Ruby type Necrotics can only posses Elves or Orcs instead of Humans. Or that the three different gems types are opposed. Maybe Sapphire type Necrotics don't condone using bodies or sentient beings, but are instead able to merge with living Beasts in a more symbiotic fashion.

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    Yes. If you crawl over the lore available in the main site drop downs you will learn of Volosolov. Some context clues about gems used for awakening is in there. So far it appears that diamonds are used because Volosolov is a diamond gem.

    We do still have many unanswered questions.

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    Actually, if you play Campaign as Necrotic, they explain this. Every eye socket gem is a sliver taken from Volosolov itself, and Volosolov is Entrath's largest diamond shard.

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    After Mokog suggested it, I found the Volosolov entry under Armies of Myth. Which explains why the Necrotic are all Diamonds.

    So there could be Ruby or Sapphire type Necrotic. There could be other shards like Volosolov waiting to awaken. Or maybe they already did, but in smaller numbers and more cautiously. Or, like I suggested, not using Humans.

    Though if they did not use bodies, I guess they wouldn't really be Necrotic...

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