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Thread: Personal Top 10 PvE Campaign cards/equipment

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    Personal Top 10 PvE Campaign cards/equipment

    This is my personal top 10 from play in PvE campaign and the arena. Feel free to make your own list and post below with your thoughts! Thanks

    10. Prophet of the Sun - The prophecy trigger and cost on curve is superior to most any other card out there.

    9. Sepulchra Maggots - A lot of potential to combo with this card, and opens up many sacrifice combos

    8. Contract Killing - This card is great for spot removal, voids, and can be combined with many other blood themed cards that appreciate self-inflicted damage.

    7. Lady Devonshire - She can make Action combo decks quite terrifying. Still have more testing to do, but what I've seen so far is promising.

    6. Ethereal Healer - The boots equipment for this card just allows for insane early games, and will probably be a linchpin for many late-game campaign builds in PvE.

    5. Phenteo's Gift - The Chest equipment for Phenteo's gift with or without any mill themed deck is exceptional. A gift indeed. I highly recommend people play around a bit with this card.

    4. Enter the Dream - It's all about the weapon equipment for this card - It has and will trivialize Arena farming for quite some time. The affordable and easily farmable slaughtergears' equivalent. To OP arena deck building.

    3. Dream Eagle - Combos with Enter the dream, but most importantly the gloves equipment for Dream Eagle enables the card to be the best free cycle card in the game. Even better than the future Spectral Acorns!

    2. Hunger of the Mountain God - With both equipment on this guy, and a bit of deck building around him, he can nearly single-handedly take down any AI encounter.

    1. Adaptatron
    - With 1 equipment piece, and no support, Adaptatron can do the same as the mountain god, but better. He does not need anything but a resource count of 5x (eventually)

    Honorable mentions:
    Form Ranks - Great with equipment for cleric themed diamond decks.
    Flamethought Seeker - both equipment make this card ridiculous, and should see more play in future campaign content.
    Underworld Recruiter - I've heard stories of what this card with it's equipment can do, and how early it can do it in a game.
    Nazhk Lookout - Great card and equipment for any mill focused deck.
    Wormoid Hydra - Really nice card with value-added after it dies.
    Stalker of Marabas - Great conditional draw for blood, and future deck building material.
    Morphology - Gloves equipment is great, and may have been higher on the list if it didn't share uncommon rarirty and gloves equipment - contends with dream eagle. clear winner.
    Spirit of Retribution - Some notable equipment, and nice effect for a flight troop.
    Saarthu - Pretty amazing in the right deck.

    The Sharp Compendium:

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    Glendower for my dwarf/robot deck, no doubt. With his equips he is insane, everything gets cost -1 and if you play a dwarf you get an artifact in your hand, which will also give glendower +1/+1.

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    In no particular order, some cards that I think are very good and have potential to be better in future pve decks are:

    Contract Killing. really good removal that voids so things that have affect on dying arent triggered and can be used almost right away for situations like the fire elemental in Devonshire dungeon. Also if clerics get a talent that give them armor then the negative effects of this card can be completely negated with a dwarf cleric or necrotic cleric.

    Hunger of the Mountain God i thought this card was good but i didnt expect it to be this good. If not removed it has single handedly won so many games in PvE.

    King Lodegan's Call ( with chest equipment) As of right now there is no encounter that you would need this card to win. Its kinda overkill but as a 5 mana 4 diamond troops its very strong imo and it only gets better from there. Even a 4 drop 2 random spirits is not the worst if you dont have any other plays. it ha the potential to stabilize you by summoning some nasty diamond spirits like soul of raqqr or the now nerfed ghost sentinal.

    Also cant wait to see what the equipment of Wormoid Hydra will do.

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    Nice list nico.

    My top 10 in no particular order:

    1. Sora w/her equips - Just makes me dream of midrange all day. She just does so much work, from the moment she enters play to the value growth she enables.

    2. Dream Eagle w/gloves - Finally. Just finally HXE gave us a decent dig and it has made so many things possible. I still hold out hope that we get an actual deck search card beyond the slow Ascetic Aspirant.

    3. Order from High Command - Yussssssss. My human mage is running a Diamond / Sapphire control and this is a big reason why it works.

    4. King Lodegan's Call - I love cards that free me up to play proper control like High Command and Lodegan's Call, just play the board and then say hello to my little friend. I went and picked up the Knowledge is Power talent to pair with cards like this.

    5. Awaken - Same reason as the two listed above.

    6. Lady Devonshire - It's Winter Moon, except better.

    7. Morphology - While it has the potential to backfire, it's really a much needed "removal" for Sapphire, and with the equip it's phenomenal.

    8. Sealed Tomb - Hnngh I love this card. The drawback is sufficient without being horrible, but finally a reliable on-board card draw mechanic.

    9. Deployment Orders - While it does have a requirement, it's a shardless card draw. 2 for 2 is really good.

    10. Hellshot Catapault - My only grievance is that it costs 5 unless you're playing Dwarves/bots (or using the equip which I do if I have the slot). It's just nice that I don't feel shoe-horned into Blood for Extinction when I'm looking to stay alive with a slow deck.

    Also, I agree about Flamethough Seeker, that thing is so good. Goes nicely in RDW.
    Stalker of Malbaras is seriously good too.

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    All around, Dream Eagle is better than Morphology, but in the right deck, Morphology plus gloves is the better choice, imo. The right deck being action focused ones. Many actions are removal so the AI is not as likely to play it and it'll net you a lot of cards. You're right in that it can back fire though. Don't go using it on 4 Cost blood troops if you don't want your board wiped. Haha. I imagine it is also possible to give them an inferno breath or similar OP action card.

    Bit off topic, I pulled an inferno breath with my kindling skarn last play through Devonshire. I did not think that was possible. It immediately played, wiped the two troops on the opposing AIs board (I think he was the first fight) and drew me eight cards. I then used a blessing and scorch to cast a free Sunsoul Phoenix! Living the dream. Hahaha.

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    Ankylosaurus is very solid I've seen but only with the Dino Club. 4 resource cost, super sturdy, grows every turn, and comes with a free survival of the fittest attached to him.

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    Am I missing something with Inferno Goliath? The only situation where his burning counters are better than normal damage is when he gets removed or neutralized after he's attacked successfully for at least 2 damage. For his cost he should add counters in addition to normal damage dealt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by hitchslap88 View Post
    Am I missing something with Inferno Goliath? The only situation where his burning counters are better than normal damage is when he gets removed or neutralized after he's attacked successfully for at least 2 damage. For his cost he should add counters in addition to normal damage dealt.
    Other than the obvious, that one unblocked swing will do 21 points of damage over time, and two swings will do 78, his equipment lets him be cheated into play early.

    While good, I don't think he makes a compelling deck yet, the only backup he has is burning zombie right now. I would be very surprised if that is the last we see of burning counters though - even one or two cards like ignite or conflagrate would make for a fantastic theme deck, and I think there is a good chance some show up for set 4.

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    1. Adaptatron
    The best all-around card in PvE simply because it can go into almost every deck. Current shard grids aren't too friendly to themed decks, and Adaptatron quite nicely fills a niche of general threats.

    2. Hunger of the Mountain God
    Hunger is a wincon on its own, equipment or not.

    3. Ethereal Healer
    Until we are further into talent trees, Ethereal Healers provide an immense help for any mage that can run at least two Diamond uncommons. Further into zones they will become even stronger.

    4. Dream Eagle
    Eagles with equip are all the rage now. Unless HXE are to nerf their ability, this most likely will be one of the staple cards for any deck that is able to spare gloves slot.

    5. Nazhk Lookout
    I love the flavor of this card so much that I run it in every deck that even remotely can benefit from it.

    6. Purging Flames
    A reliable cheap aoe with minor weaknesses. Next level Heat Wave for Ruby decks.

    7. Decaying Giant
    We don't see that many giants in popular decks now, but I am sure that the card is vastly underestimated for the value it brings to the board.

    8. Orders From High Command
    A wincon on its own, this card deserves to be built around simply because of the in-built fun.

    9. Ardent/Underworld Recruiters
    Strong additions to any faction-based deck. Especially with equipment.

    10. Contract Killing
    Cheap and dirty. Nice synergy with the Hunger. I run Killing in every deck that can afford to take a little bit of pain (not in mage decks, obviously.)

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    Not sure they make the top 10, but I'd like to give an honorable mention to Raving Ghoul and/or Rotting Away, simply because while they are not great cards, they are good cards that just keep coming back to your hand, so there is the whole "quantity over quality" thing. Otherwise, I'll just concur on everything that has been mentioned so far. Running Devonshire in a Coyotle Cleric bless-o-matic deck with Morphologies and Time Ripple and it can get insane.

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