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Thread: Blood/Diamond Life Gain deck [campaign]

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    Blood/Diamond Life Gain deck [campaign]

    So I cobbled something together and tried it out and it's pretty effective... thought I'd share and collect some feedback:

    4 Fertile Engorger [gloves]
    3 Legionnaire of Adamanth [chest+helm]
    3 Ethereal Healer [boots]
    3 Adamanthian Scrivener
    3 Protectorate Clergyman
    3 Righteous Paladin [trinket]
    3 Shield Trainer
    3 Solitary Exile [weapon]
    4 Paladin of the Necropolis
    3 Kraken Guard Seapriest
    3 Grim Harvester

    8 Blood Shards
    12 Diamond Shards
    4 Shard of Retribution
    1 Starsphere

    Shinhare Cleric [Monument, Healing Aura, Faith in Our Leader, Affinity Cleric, Hale]
    The Starsphere's a nice addition, not totally necessary and I don't play more of them to avoid getting opening hands that have a pile of those instead of colored shards.

    Basically the idea behind the deck is there are a lot of clerics (a few non clerics) who will all have lifedrain and steadfast. If the Paladins of the Necropolis haven't stolen all of the enemy's life yet, the Righteous Paladins will become massive very quickly along with 3 Eternal Healers who just won't stay dead for very long. Legionnaire of Adamanths further make your clerics ginormous very quickly.

    Shinhare is the only race that allows for 4 uncommon Blood cards, 3 uncommon Diamond cards, and 3 common Diamond cards which is pretty much everything in the deck. The extra dungeon lives and health is certainly a nice cherry on top.

    What cards/equipment would work better than I listed above? Thought about 1 Paragon of Righteousness but that seems like overkill. Besides the Starsphere (optional anyway) there are no rares or legendary cards or anything that's really expensive yet it cuts through a lot of enemies like a hot butter knife so far.
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    First off, did you mean inner conflict with weapon instead of solitary exile? Usually that's the diamond removal of choice for campaign since the AI doesn't play many non-creature threats. Aside from that it looks like a fairly standard campaign cleric deck, though fertile engorger is less common since it lacks synergy.

    Some of the common differences I see are kills/contract killings for more removal, incantation of righteousness (though it spiked in price a ton because of campaign), and pact of pain to give you some card draw and a way to use all that life gain.

    There also a lot more "I win the game by myself 2 drops" you can add in if you want, such as adaptatron/hunger of the mountain god, or ardent recruiter if you go for a mono-diamond build.

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    No, Solitary Exile is right. The important distinction between that and Inner Conflict is that I can recall the Solitary Exile if I need to. Can't do that with Inner Conflict. Inner Conflict also doesn't shut down troop abilities like Spitfire Elemental.

    Fertile Engorger is great as a 1 resource play that can spit out troops with lethal to deal with the occasional large troop generated either by an early enemy ramp play (like those fights that involve power of blood). Burning Zombie encounter comes to mind too as he can spit out something 10/10 really early depending on how many cards you manage to play before he uses it. As a shinhare cleric, you get a free chump blocker as well all for 1 resource.

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