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    After listening to Cory's Fiveshards 2h long interview, here is what I've heard, and what I think about it :

    - Hex is working on a ladder+ranking system, and since it "might" comes between Set4 and AZ2, I'm thinking that they already have a very precise idea of what it will be, and it's probably already designed and just need engineering... So I don't really think it's still necessary for me to try to sell the ideas I thought would be best on that subject.
    - If I've understood it well enough, the players will earn points by playing regular PVP competitive tournaments and playing the upcoming ladder... I think I've heard something about "wining and loosing points", so there might be some sort of ELO in here (with some homemade tweaks I guess).
    - That might means that some tournaments (like swiss drafts, and probably the community tournaments as well) will not earn points, which I'm perfectly fine with.
    => Overall, from what I've heard, the ranking system sounds like Elo and the ladder sounds like HS... Neither of those I'm particularly happy with (see previous posts), but those are obviously guesses at this point, and what I'll retain from the interview is that the ranking system is coming rather soon, and that's a big deal.


    - We can expect 3 large Invitational like events per year... No starting date has been mentioned though, so that might be in a not so near future.
    - I'm still expecting an announcement rather soon (in the next 60 days) regarding that.
    - There was a brief conversation about the opening of the game to the Chinese market... And that those guys would be included in one of the (3?) tournaments... So I guess World championships are planned, but that might not be for 2016 unfortunately.
    - The next large events will be bigger than the first invitational in terms of players (something I definitely support and think it makes ton of sense for many reasons)... I don't think Hex need to do something as big as the Pro Tour (about 200 players), but 50 competitors sounds like a fine number to me, at least for now, and should grab a decent portion of the competitive players.
    - Half of the spot will be awarded to tournaments (like IQs) winners, and half will be awarded based on ranking/ladder... We don't have much more information on that so I can't really comment, but I like the idea of doing it half/half, because I think it's important to have a small number of "pro players" that the public will see again and again... And giving slots to highly ranked will definitely help in that regard.
    - The renewed saying that the Esport scene is something that Hex is seeking was definitely great to hear, it was obviously not as great as a announcement with a timeline, but I'm sure this will come rather soon... And since this will be linked with the Ranking system, I forecast the announcement in the next 60 days (along with the one on the ranking system), which I find pretty reasonable.
    => To conclude, great things are planned, and I think that the chosen pace of events is great (3 each year or 2 + World championship each year).... We are still a bit in the dark regarding when this will all start, the next one could be in several months, or in two years time. So I think a slight enlightenment here would be great for everybody to know what to expect.


    - About 50 people in the team currently (+ consultancy) is definitely a sign that the game is getting better managed and that more stuff is coming, and at a better pace... So, even if it might not look like it at first glance, it's actually a great sign for me regarding the brightness of the future.
    - I'm glad to hear that the marketing push is yet to come (and will do rather soon)... Nothing new here since Phenteo already told us that Hex is currently trying things in that regard, but still good to hear again that the team is working on it and that we will see it in action in the months to come.
    - Since we will have 3 sets and 3 big tournaments each year, I'd like to say that I think it would be awesome to use all the events to hype the upcoming set (just like what has been done with the first event)... MTG are doing their PT right after the set's release, but I think it's better the way Hex has done it - ie: previous to the set's release - as it is a great way for the company to build the hype, and it's also way better for the players to test the format.
    - 3 sets + 3 AZ + 3 Events = 40 days between each... Sounds pretty great to me. I think something like 50/50/20 would be optimal as it lets people play the new set for 50 days, then the new PVE content for 50 days, and then the Big tournament would takes place 20 days before the next set.
    - I am overall more confident now regarding the increase in the player base, thanks to the upcoming marketing push first, but also thanks to the organized competitive play that will rather soon be launched as well... I am confident that both of them combined will help take many players from competitor TGC game(s).

    I might have missed many things I wanted to talk about when I was listening the interview, but well, I think most of it is here.... It was a great listening with plenty of small details that helped everyone understand more what you're at, and what schedule should we expected (even with no dates given, approximate timing is fine to differentiate a "wished feature" from a "near to come feature").

    Thanks for the kind words on the "feedback from the forum" during the interview, I'm delighted you guys read it and if something I've said was ever helpful or made you reconsider something into a better one, I'm glad I've help, that the only purpose of the thread.


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    I 100% agree with everything Wuggalix said in all his posts.
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