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Thread: How is this game compared to Infinity Wars?

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    How is this game compared to Infinity Wars?

    For those who have played both, how do these two games compare? So far it seems that Infinity Wars is overall less well-received than Hex, so I was wondering what are the main problems with IW despite both of them being TCG's?


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    I played both...not sure this is the right space to discuss IW though.
    The differences are plentiful. Hex can be compared to MtG. IW imo tried too much at once.

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    Well I'd say IW is counter intuitive in various areas which creates a barrier for new players, whereas HEX has both traditional mechanics and newer innovative digital mechanics, but you can easily learn the basics of the game. I mean, play resource, play card, do damage. That's pretty easy to pick up. IW is more like, this spot is for these cards, but not always, and you can pick which cards go here as long as you meet these requirements and you can have infinite copies of this card, but not of this card and so on.

    The second biggest problem IW has is that the "good" cards mean spending lots of money. So you never get to really get a full taste of it without heavy investing. HEX has lots of capable budget decks that are very powerful, and it has decks along a spectrum of pricing. You can play for free, for $5, $15, $25, $50, $1000, whatever, you can find what you're comfortable with and be competitive. IW kind of says, "look you want to play against people who spent money? How about you lose, go away." It's the difference in cost to power between the games.

    This isn't to say HEX doesn't have expensive and powerful cards, but it does have top notch cards at all price points. And I do mean they are largely equivalent in terms of power. Example, you can get Crackling Bolt as a free player easily, you can spend money to buy Ragefire which is a nifty card, but may or may not be superior depending on the deck you're running.

    Now, I haven't played IW for a long time now so things may have changed, I started when it was in beta and eventually left because the community growth just wasn't happening.

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    I'd say hex is much less likely to cause epileptic seizures for one.
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    I played IW for a while (mainly because Hex wasn't out yet) but stopped after maybe the second or third expansion. I loved my time playing IW, as I felt it had some pretty cool concepts. As others pointed out, some of the higher end cards were expensive, but I think overall it may have been easier to get some of the rarer cards since there were daily quests/login bonuses that granted free cards, which could have been legendaries.

    Aesthetically, Hex wins outright. At first I thought the animated cards was a cool idea, but, with no disrespect to the artists in that game, Hex's art blows it out of the water.

    Also, while I haven't played in a while, I don't believe there was ever an auction house to get individual cards. There was a way to trade cards with other players, but you couldn't use any in-game currency to get exactly what you needed.

    Gameplay-wise, they are both very different in so many aspects, it's really hard to compare the two. It really depends on your preference.

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    I've gotta be honest, as much as i give IW a hard time about the animation. I'd love to see much more subtle animation on special cards in hex, it's a really cool effect when used very sparingly on a small amount of cards. And as I said, much more subtle, it's way cooler when you don't feel like it's being forced on every card, or that you're being hit in the face with it.
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    Well for starters IW does have some perks such as the cards being animated, and how they have particle effects for decks too (such as fog and floating)...along with special borders for booster packs that are pre-ordered (and thus more valuable because of it) The down side though is things such as having asynchrous drafting...which sounds great, but since you're not drafting against actual players...and in the same pool as others...which leads to people having streaks of 20+ wins which under normal circumstances mathematically speaking wouldn't be happening.

    The alternate win cons that the game has are certainly very interesting and if I was playing it closer to the beginning to be honest I'd be putting hundreds of dollars in it a year over Hex, but...that's life.

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    I found IW unplayable because it required me to click for every single bit of damage.

    I didn't like the way the 'campaign' kept giving me premade decks so I felt no ownership of my deck and my collection seemed irrelevant (even when you could use it it was much better to use someone else's premade deck)
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    I though this game was dead

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gregangel View Post
    I though this game was dead
    You thought Hex was dead?
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