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Thread: HEX Update - More Invitational News

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    Has anyone looked closely at the lanyards to see if there are any symbols we don't recognize?

    It appears to consist of set, shard and keyword symbols, could be a clue to something we haven't seen before.
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    If anyone wants to sell set 1, set 2, & set 3 sleeve codes after the event, let me know. I'll pay 5000 plat per code (after I activate it, of course, to make sure it works) - ign is theblackcompany

    I hope Ne0 wins!

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    The labels for the "Shards of Fate" and "Shattered Destiny" posters seem to be the wrong way round.
    (Born of the Flame (blue poster & shirt) is a Shattered Destiny card)

    Other than that, nice-looking merchandise for those attending.

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