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Thread: Recent Developments - Tutorial Teachings

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    Recent Developments - Tutorial Teachings

    by Jared Saramago

    Recently I had the opportunity to help design the new Tutorial experience that was introduced alongside Campaign mode in the last major update. Today, I’d like to share with you our internal goals for the tutorial revamp and give you a behind-the-scenes peek at the design process and principles used to help achieve those objectives.
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    The new tutorial is worlds above what we previously had. I had my SO play through it so I could get a sense of the new player experience, and I was really impressed to see that progression you outlined in the article. You guys have done a great job helping new players ease their way into HEX!

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    Great article and superb job on the tutorial. It's really fantastic.

    My only two, minor constructive criticisms are:

    1) new players might feel that extra sense of excitement if you rewarded e.g a tutorial booster pack/AZ1 booster pack upon first-time completion. Nothing beats that fresh booster smell and it might make people want to jump into the campaign even more, especially if some info text popped up explaining rewards.

    2) related to the above. At some point, be it in the campaign or tutorial (perhaps it's there and I've missed it), I think it'd be highly worthwhile having an "anatomy of a PvP vs PvE card" info section. My friend just started playing and had no idea that there were PvE and PvP cards and what the visual and playing-restriction differences were.

    Again, awesome job!!

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    Well, yes it's good to learn the gameplay. But new players need another kind of tutorial after complet the pve campaign : how to set their feet into the pvp content.

    What are gauntlet, draft, sealed ? Which pack i have to buy to play limited tournement ? What are the construct rules in draft and sealed ? Etc...
    The game explaine nothing.

    Ex : if i am a new player i would never try to join a gauntlet sealed because when you are clicking on it you see number of players : 0 with no information on hiw it's work
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    I wasn't aware of the new tutorial until now - just played through it.
    Great storytelling, and covers all the bases I think.
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    Nice article! I think this will get more people, especially non-TCG fans into the genre and especially Hex (the Best there is)

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    I want to second the three points from Mejis and Gregangel. PvP requires its own Tutorial as soon as possible. Right now (as nice as our community is) it always falls to the chat ingame to explain these things to new players. Card acquisition, Draft/Sealed explanations, pve/pvp rewards. These are all key motivators people know nothing about.

    Love the idea with the free booster pack after the tutorial, should be easy to reward account-bound cards that cant be abused with new accounts. That should really drive the "gambling"-fix home that makes TCGs what they are.

    One more thing that I would like to see:
    Tell the player that the basics that he/she learned here are easy to learn and enough to enjoy pve and early pvp. But also point out that the game has many extraordinarily more complex mechanics and decisions waiting to be discovered.

    This might seem wired or obvious to everyone here. But that is also something that the community has to tell people, and it doesnt quite have the same feeling when the people playing a game defend it in such a way.

    Let me quickly explain what I want to gain by this.

    Some people believe tcgs to be insanely complicated / expensive and are really averse to commit into a tcg. Telling them straight to the face that the basic mechanics/cards are easy enough to enjoy a major part is important.

    Some other people play through tutorials which are always insanely easy + maybe early campaign. And they have no idea how complex deckbuilding, decisionmaking, drafting, etc really is. They just played an easy game. Sooner or later these people will have a "wake up call" when they play draft or "piranhas/killipede" encounters. If no one told them that this was going to happen ... they often feel cheated. And some obvious conclusions sadly are: "Ah so this is the pay barrier, I need to spent a lot of money here" Because most of the bad ccgs/mobile games etc try to scam people this way, and many have bad memories of these games.

    Telling people at the beginning that mastering this game is incredibly hard wont keep everyone from drawing bad conclusions. But it will take away a lot of focus on money and RNG/Luck ... and prepare people mentally to work on their understanding!

    I dont know if I got this point across right and it could easily seem like a minor thing.
    But I truly believe that a well phrased statement could achieve both.
    Calm the people that are afraid that the game is too hard/expensive to get into. (make them more open minded)
    Prepare the people that think its easy or completely free. (so they dont just blame rng/money for losses)

    It would be even easier when you have a second tutorial for PvP and can phrase two different statements.

    EDIT1: formatting.

    EDIT2: One important note. I dont!! mean something like "there are many more awesome cards to be discovored, tralalala" Its easy to write a very cliche non-saying promise of more fun at the end of the rainbow. I m talking about a nice version of "you know *** about this game and you could spent 1000+ hours and still not be one of the better players. So dont blame the game/money, but rather work on yourself first" that is very different than just promising a deep gameplay. And there are friendly ways to convey this message!
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    tutorials can not explain everything, because there is simply too much.
    but I think at the end of all tutorials the player should.intuitively answer most problems correctly, eg will extinction kill invincible troops? will swiftstrike troops die in a battle from survival of the fittest? etc

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    There are far too many problems. A tutorial cant realistically distinct between void invincible and destroy invincible etc. Thats precisely why I would advocate a broader "disclaimer" saying that the tutorial covers everything you need to have fun and get started but is merely the tip of a giant iceberg.

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