So this is probably working as intended, but it also shuts off a fun combo...

The Major Gem of Subterfuge reads: Prime Sapphire of Subterfuge: When this troop enters play, each opposing champion buries cards from the top of their deck equal to this troop's combined Attack and Defense.

The Major Gem of Destruction reads: Prime Ruby of Destruction: When this troop enters play, it deals damage equal to its Attack to target opposing champion

I was experimenting with Wild/Sapphire mill, and wanted to use the Azurefate sorceress and Arborean Rootfather for a double up mill combo, Azurefate with Subterfuge, Rootfather with Empowerment. Normally, if you're running the Rootfather + Empowerment + Destruction combo (through Titania's Majesty in PvE or with Azurefate in a tri-shard deck), you can set the order of effects, allowing Rootfather to pump himself up with Empowerment and then ping the opposing champion for 16 damage. So I figured, why not use the same idea with Subterfuge, and bury a quick 32 cards at once?

Sadly, there's no option to set the order the effects go off in. The bury effect always happens, followed by the Empowerment effect, so 16 cards buried instead of 32. Now the language of the gems probably explains this, in that for Subterfuge it's "each opposing champion" (emphasis mine), while with Destruction it's "target opposing champion," so there's no choice involved, but considering that in Hex the two are currently identical, why can't we set the order of effects? And, honestly, even if they weren't identical, it seems like we should be able to control the order of effects, no?

If this is something that's arisen before and I didn't notice, I apologize, but I figured I'd inquire about it. Is this working as intended? Bug?