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Thread: Hex Invitational - Casting Colosseum

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    Hex Invitational - Casting Colosseum

    Hello Community Members,

    On behalf of the casting team, Alucard, Dino and I would like to thank everyone for your positive feedback and motivational words. We understand the tremendous responsibility that we have been given and our goal is to provide a Professional, Informative and Entertaining broadcast for new and old viewers alike.

    In preparation for the Invitational, we are pleased to announce that we will be hosting live events on our twitch channels. These events will allow us to improve and refine our casting/interviewing skills as well as provide prizes for those who wish to participate. All of the individual events will lead up to a culminating tournament hosted by Alucard for his end of month Hextravaganza.

    We are calling these events the "CASTING COLOSSEUM" and here is how you can participate:

    1. Players must have an active Skype Account and be willing to share that information for the purpose of the match.
    2. Players must submit a link to their deck via TCGbrowser (current Constructed rules apply)
    3. Include a photo of themselves, or a photo from Hex the would like to use for their player profile.
    4. Include a short bio about themselves which should include:
      • Current Location City/State or Country
      • Age
      • Your playstyle (Control, Aggro, etc)
      • Any interesting facts about yourself (underwater basket weaving, scuba diver, etc)
      • Tournament History (Top 8's, Champions, etc)
    5. All the above information needs to be mailed to
    6. When the events are live, we will randomly select players from within the stream who have submitted their tournament information.
    7. Selected Players will face off against our "Gladiators" in a best 2 out of 3 match.

    1. If a player can defeat our Gladiator, he/she will earn a set 3 draft pack.
    2. If a player is defeated he/she will walk away with a set 3 booster pack.

    The following link will take you to our Calendar of events:
    Due to PVE release we are going to conduct our first event on the 5th of February at 7PM PST.
    Our Schedule includes events on Friday (Starting at 7pm PST) and on Sunday (Starting at 10am PST).
    The final event will be a tournament on the 28th of February during Alucard's Hextravaganza. Any Player can participate in this tournament as long as they can conform to the above rules.

    If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Snake at or reply here in the forums.

    We appreciate your support and look forward to your participation in the Casting Colosseum.

    Alucard - Twitch Channel
    Dinotropia - Twitch Channel
    Snake - Twitch Channel
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    As a reminder all Decklists for the Hextravaganza Tournament need to be submitted by Midnight (PST) on the 26th of FEB 2016. Players will be added to the tournament bracket in the order they submit their information until all 12 slots are filled. Standby slots will be added, and players will need to be ready to join the tournament on Sunday if one of the 12 players is a no show. Standby's will be added in order from the list.

    1. Kindmime
    2. Malekith
    3. Nemelex
    4. Tarquinrex
    5. Daethstar
    6. JadiimJedi
    7. Breskshire
    8. Jakisha
    9. correctamundo
    10 MyTeamblowsDuck
    11. Zebuli

    Please ensure if you are on this list to be available on Sunday at least 30 mins prior to the start of Hextravaganza to help finalize the bracket.

    Snake, Dino and Alucard
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    Really cool idea. I hope people show up for it. Would potential candidates to play in this need to be available all of those times or would you set a time for them to play beforehand?

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    Players who wish to participate would just need to login and be ready to go when we are streaming live. We will randomly select players to battle our gladiators and try to win those draft packs.

    Thanks for the question.
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    I'll give it a shot.
    You sad little humans will have no idea whats comin!

    EDITY: Email sent.
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    Looking forward to this!
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    We will be live tonight at 7PM PST @! Looking forward to seeing you all there!

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    Great initiative.

    Since you are using Skype, just was using another Twitch stream whose stream got DDOSed through Skype, he also got his twitch, amazon & email hacked on stream for good measure. Apparently going to [skype > tools > options > advanced > connections > "tick" allow direct connections to your contacts only] will help you avoid these types of Skype DDOS attacks.

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    I got mixed up with the times last week. I should be able to show up in the next one.

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    The deadline for signing up for the Casting Colosseum tournament is quickly approaching. There are still a few spots left.

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