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Thread: Ghouls N Ghosts - a Devonshire farm deck for Shin'Hare

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    Think if you're going to go with the good karma talent, you might as well take life essence over fortitude. It's one less dungeon life, but you already have 5 and 2 starting life isn't as good as 2 reoccurring.

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    This deck is amazing. I didn't have all the cards, but I just swept through Devonshire and beat Wiktor with 65 life remaining.
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    Quote Originally Posted by selpai View Post
    No, the deck lost twice to Wiktor. It seems to get a lot of it's power from the Vampire Kings/Princess's. I didn't think it was very good or even terribly reliable.
    I disagree with this. Obviously Wiktor can have a great hand, but I didn't find the VK, VP, or Extinction to be that useful. The massive recurring zombies and actions is what its all about.
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    I used an edited version of this to run through Devonshire with only one loss (Wiktor going first, rot touch ghoul screwed me over). Yeah, the lifedrain is important but the Vampires specifically are not. Rotting Away and Raving Ghoul are good just in general here; you don't really even need the rest of the zombie cards running through devonshire (I only used two decaying giants and removed the knights/determineds), since ghoul comes back on opposing zombies too, and rotting away comes back on them. They're good in just any blood deck running through devonshire with their equipment, so I'm assuming Selpaai had either really bad luck or really vampire-centric luck.

    I did do some editing to deal with Wiktor, changing it to blood with a couple of diamonds and retributions for 2 meeks, a deathless guardian, and for occasional hard play of the healers, and sided in adaptatron (never used it before, but I not see why everyone does) for the determined zombies. Ironically its the zombies ASIDE from raving ghoul that are clogging up the deck; might want to just slip raving ghoul and rotting away w/ equips in to any blood deck going in to devonshire, period.
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    I give it a shot and i love it. However i always wanted make use of Blight steed. My standard sshin hare sac deck uses underworld only trops sow asnt fitting. HEre it works great with all the killing and trading this doeck and also i play it with shin wariior.
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    I want endorse this deck as a solid Devonshire farm deck.

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    Other great decks that I steamrolled Devonshire with are mono-diamond humans with lifegain clerics and sapphire-ruby Glendowar-pump construction plans with Dwarves.

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    I put the exact deck from the first post together and ran through Devonshire. It usually takes an attempt or two at Wiktor because he is so overtuned but I am extremely happy with the results.

    On top of that I was lazy last night and didn't want to think about my deck but, I wanted to do something different so I figured I would try the deck with Killipede and Wormoids. I managed to beat all Killipede fights and save 60 gnomes (20 down the right side 3 times) without losing a single fight the entire time. There were a couple fights that were close and the first killipede fight with the -1/-1 to all troops was scary but, no loses the whole time! (some luck involved heh)

    Deck is great.

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    I love my righteous hunger deck, but the comments here have sold me. Going to give this a try

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    I've re-created a few shin'hare clerics to run through the campaign with this deck, mostly because you can get a good percentage of it together right from level 2, and don't have to wait til level 7 to have a good deck.

    It lets me try out a few variations as well - Quantius' suggestion about using ivory pawn with equipment actually worked pretty well - I didn't realise that the equipment readies the pawn when your opponent plays a troop as well - it's really effective with 3 healers, although the constant clicking became kind of annoying. I think the pawn could be a great fit for blood diamond decks, but without righteous paladin or paladin of the necropolis I don't think it's a must have here.

    Abominate worked pretty well pre level 7, the 3 for 1 danger of a buff like that is pretty effectively mitigated when you use it on troops that are functionally immortal. Wouldn't keep it for devonshire though, the early game is too critical.

    On that note, I experimented some with rot cast instead of extinction with some success - it's not a slam dunk replacement for extinction, but it did serve to make it much easier to blunt Wiktor's early game. It comes at a price though - it doesn't look so appealing when he drops power of ruby and a bunch of ghouls/sweltering zombies.

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