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    Kickstart a DBG? Thoughts

    I recently saw two threads were a person who works for crypto said if ever a game warranted it they would do another game. So I ask the question to the other fans:

    If cryptozoic released a Kickstarter for either A new Street Fighter and or Naruto Deck Building Game would you help fund it? If you would fund why or if you would not find why? Or what are your thoughts about this method?

    I would fund both because I enjoy these games and my wife and I play them all the time. That and I would hope for Kickstarter only exclusive promo cards to enjoy playing with the other games I own.

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    From my opinion, I think it is valid for company to offer a Kickstarter for a project they believe will not have commercial success or cannot afford to make the print run without guaranteed sales (which is essentially what Kickstarter is for games). I also take into consideration that, in order for a Kickstarter to be successful, there does have to be some upfront work and spending to show the validity of a project which may be something a company may not want to struggle with if resources are thin or focused elsewhere currently. Kickstar is a nice way of getting an idea out there and more public than a traditional game release so there are some advantages there too.

    IF Crypto decided to run a Kickstarter for something I wanted I would totally be down for it. Unfortunately, my fan-base alliances haven't reached out to Naruto or Street Fighter yet so I would not be inclined to fund those.
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    I would totally fund a Street Fighter expansion, or any of the Capcom themed ideas we have kicked around in the Street Fighter thread (Megaman please). I'm not really into Naruto in general, so a KS for that wouldn't really interest me but I could easily see where it would interest others

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    I would definitely fund a Naruto expansion.

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    No care for Street Fighter for me, personally. If they won't crowdfund, maybe Crypto could make a test version of the second Naruto expansion and take it to an anime convention to gauge the response.

    Anime fans are often very picky. A short survey could easily remedy any problems the first expansion had. For example, while Zabuza was cool, he kind of ruined the viability of games that used different numbers of Archenemies. The first time we played we wanted to see as many cards as we could and before we knew it, the Zabuza player had won because we were using every Archenemy and buying from the Line-Up like crazy.

    And aside from actual mechanics, I was a little hesitant to buy the Naruto DBG just because it had this hokey feeling that I couldn't explain. I guess maybe the box was too bright and the vectors of the characters were too cookie-cutter for me. A darker box with more of the "cool" aspects of Naruto would have been more appealing. The Kyuubi on the side, Naruto using an actual technique rather than just a cookie-cutter smiling orange ninja with a kunai on the box.

    Again that may just be personal preference and I may be reading into it too much. It very well could just be that anime nerds didn't get enough exposure to it, or they didn't know enough about it to drop $40 on it.
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