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Thread: Primal Dawn Revealed!

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    Hype for Primal Dawn!

    Thank you for giving everyone plenty of time to build their Armies of Myth play sets but I'm sure everyone will be looking forward to the new rewards and cards in the next set.

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    we were impatient and already started discussing;
    can you merge

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aradon View Post
    I initially thought Primal Flame was 1X cost and would be incredible. At 1XX though, I am a doubter. It'll be good in limited, but I don't think it'll be a real player in constructed formats. 3 mana to draw a card and deal 1 damage is niche, and 5 mana for draw-2 with a burn is ok in a slow format. 7 for 3 and 3 is not awful, but each of these modes are only ok if you are finding a valuable target to burn as well. My imagination suggests that at 7 mana, you'll need to deal more than 3 damage to impact the board enough.
    Psionic Flame?

    It would have been good if it was Quick speed. But at Basic speed it's just average.

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    Since Hex patches tend to be on Tuesdays, I'd read it as April 5 is the target Launch date.

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    Since the set has not been "officially" released, I am sure if a card is underperforming or overpowered, it will be tweaked. I am reminded that the removed the Ozawa socketed action after the pre-release event and the cost or ARMY of Myth being changed due to it power level.

    Psionic Flame is not good as a basic in any way shape or form. For that cost, it should be quick or even change the thresholds on it and lower the cost to make it playable.

    Otherwise, it will just be a binder filler for those working on playsets or even rarely a limited card and that is iffy.

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    I expect Psionic Flame to be usable in Limited at least.
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    I think it's going to depend on the style of format. If it's relatively slower, or features a lot of troops worth killing at 2 toughness, it's a decent turn 5 play. But if it's fast enough where you can't afford to overspend on your burn, you might not be able to make it work.

    That being said, it's a scaling burn spell, and also card advantage, so you can probably make a deck use it in limited. You just need to be able to draw it out a bit to really shine.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Aradon View Post
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    More hearthstone rng in that elf god i hope this is just a set 3-4 thing. Otherwise it really does look amazing and the art is absolutely wonderful and even a step up from previous sets it seems.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Audens View Post
    Even without any new cards, there are a couple cool combos with this card (Flaring Passions and Marrowmage both come to mind, although the thresholds would be an issue.), although I think using lifedrain is the real answer here. Combining this with Marrowmage and a Gemsoul Feeder would be pretty ridiculous...until it gets Parriphagied, of course.
    Clearly play Chark, swing with him once, play this and a resource, shift, and let Chark punch your opponent for 9.


    But in all seriousness, I can't imagine the Blackguard getting used in competitive play.

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    Pscionic flame sucks as you have to tap out to play it and control type decks are all that want this card. Junk rare.

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