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Thread: 2 Turns Ahead Interview with Cory Jones

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    Lightbulb 2 Turns Ahead Interview with Cory Jones

    The podcast is now live. Big thanks to the community for helping us direct questions to what you were all interested in. I think we ended up cutting 6-7 questions in the podcast just due to time. The questions I cut were mostly ones that were a bit less pivotal, but were kind of nice-to-knows. There is a ton more we could have asked, but hope we got to some of the more interesting questions for the community.

    Transcript by Salverus (work in progress)

    Old post:

    In roughly six days, Pentachills and I will get another opportunity to interview Cory Jones for our 100th episode.

    Like last time, we are soliciting proposed questions. Our last interview went extremely well due to community participation and we hope to achieve a solid interview yet again.

    So, please, let us know what you want us to ask Cory.
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    What was your favorite piece of AZ1 to see completely finished?

    What unreleased race/class combination are you most looking forward to?

    When will we get a legendary Dingler troop?
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    There's a lot of relatively complex encounters that were added to the game with the launch of campaign. For example, the sea hag gains resources at the start of her turn if you don't have a creature of sufficient power. Are these systems set up such that once established they are easily reused or does it have to be created anew each time? For example, now that the sea hag exists would it now be much easier to make a troop which gets +2/+2 if an opponent had no creatures over power 3? Can you talk a bit about how the reuse of such encounters is accomplished if it's possible?

    If encounters are created out of modular building blocks than I feel we can look forward to much more rapid development as well as increasingly complex an interesting encounters. On the other hand if each encounter must be custom made that obviously slows things down.

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    What is the team more focused on after Set 4: Set 5 or PVE Adventure Zone 2?
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    What would you say is your favorite moment of hex since the kickstarter so far?

    Will future events like the 100k be held in countries other than the US?

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    When will you inform the players about the rules of set rotation for standard constructed ? Did set 1 and 2 will cycle out with set 5 for exemple ? Important question for new players who want to put some good money in pvp.
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    Realistically, given the problems you have had with the production line for the past sets and AZ1, when do you think that the next Adventure Zone will come out?

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    I wonder how he sees the future of the HEX. Actually i was thinking to sending him a PM already a few times, but i am not sure i want to disturb him with my curiousity. I wonder, because in the first years he was really hyperactive and had the head full of shynie things and ideas, started (and abandoned) a blog. I wonder if he is still have this mentality, and he just not communicate, because he realized that is better to not give out all of the plans, cos the ppl begin to ask when it will be done, or he lost some steam? I am aware maybe he don't have option, only answer that he still have the old power and look, to don't sadden the playerbase. I feel same with Colin too btw, he is a bid depopped (/wave Colin), and when he say something, it's usually short, and somehow not that hyped. Maybe it's only my feelings, and he asked to not leak info.
    I also wonder how he sees, and how is the financial of the HEX project? I mean in general, if he want to talk about... Did they used already all of the KS money, and now they fueling the HEX project from other projects? Or the HEX project can doin' by itself already? I don't think so... How much is the income of the developing fees? Like half?
    I also wonder can they give out some data about the players number? I wonder what was the peak of the active players when the PVE came out. Or if they dont want to give out numbers, maybe just like, doubled, or tripled of the normal population? Does the income jumped up too with the PVE, did the PVE guys bring in money into the system?

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    Quote Originally Posted by madar View Post
    +1...we probably dont get answers though but those things are important.

    It's important to have a next tournament series. And just saying there will be another such series eventualy is not good enough. People need hard facts before investing into the game. Players need to know the game is stable and that there are upcoming events.

    To quote Cory from his end of the year letter:
    "Our little community is getting bigger, with over 700,000 downloads of the game and 120,000 monthly active users."

    I have hard times believing the 120,000 number. I am sure im not the only one. I dont say Cory is lying. It probably is a misunderstanding in the meaning of that number. So maybe he could clarify that number. Especialy for november/december that number felt a way too high.
    It still feels too high.

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    PvE AZ1

    Was the Howling Plains always going to be the starter zone, or were the multiple candidates you could 'down-level'?

    Might the Taming Sphere return? Gotta' catch them all...

    What happened to blood's "at the start of the game, if this is in your deck" card? Feel free to spoil.

    Set 4

    Which of the new dual-shard combos is most exciting to Cory?

    Will there be any R/W cards for Elves or B/S cards for Vennen?
    They aren't among the 'featured' shard combos, but are the only dual-shards available to those featured races...

    Are there any Elf cards with sockets?

    PvE AZ2

    Unlikely to be answered, but nonetheless...
    Can Cory give us any examples of mercenary support abilities? Or tell us if there support abilities that effect matches (so not only XP, loot, lives etc.)?
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