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Thread: 2 Turns Ahead Interview with Cory Jones

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    What are hex's plans for making the transition of new and casual players into PvP Constructed less difficult?

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    When does Hex Ent plan on releasing a comprehensive rules document?
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    Q: Is there any work being done on overhauling the AH interface into either an Ebay System of being able to place a max bid or a buy/sell system. Searching past 30 pages of a single card is frustrating, as is odd choices like clicking 4 times to get lowest buyout price.
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    There has to be a question regarding whether or not Hex will do on a regular basis highly prized tournaments (in a near future)... And if so, how many of them should we expect per year.

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    Most important question of the year which he might be able to answer or might not will the pet for ranger be based on race or same for everyone?
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    Will they ever make it so we can have non-timed friendly matches? When playing against friends especially new ones to Hex, the timer gets in the way a lot and is super frustrating for them and for me.

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    Could you tell us something about the changes Perfectworld is making to Hex:China to make it more suitable for the Chinese market? How closely are you working together on Hex China, any chance some of the changes they make & artwork will find it back to Hex

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    Quote Originally Posted by SquallTiofae View Post
    What is the team more focused on after Set 4: Set 5 or PVE Adventure Zone 2?
    i always thought PVE releases would coincide with PVP from now on :/

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    Did Cory try out several dresses before deciding which one he should wear as Princess Cory?

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    Q: Does HEX still plan to create a 'sandbox' mode (i.e. custom rules/settings)? There's been no mention of it for ages - wondering if it was still on the board.

    Q: Are more casual multiplayer formats still on the board as well? Such as Free-For-All, 2/3-HG, Emperor, Commander, etc. I'd assume after Raids are implemented, if so.

    Q: How has HEX grown around the world in gardens other than NA/EU?

    Q: When will we be able to compete/play against other gardens?

    Q: Are there any plans for additional novels for HEX?

    JQ: Can we get a Princess Cory bobblehead?

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