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Thread: 2 Turns Ahead Interview with Cory Jones

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    Lightbulb 2 Turns Ahead Interview with Cory Jones

    The podcast is now live. Big thanks to the community for helping us direct questions to what you were all interested in. I think we ended up cutting 6-7 questions in the podcast just due to time. The questions I cut were mostly ones that were a bit less pivotal, but were kind of nice-to-knows. There is a ton more we could have asked, but hope we got to some of the more interesting questions for the community.

    Transcript by Salverus (work in progress)

    Old post:

    In roughly six days, Pentachills and I will get another opportunity to interview Cory Jones for our 100th episode.

    Like last time, we are soliciting proposed questions. Our last interview went extremely well due to community participation and we hope to achieve a solid interview yet again.

    So, please, let us know what you want us to ask Cory.
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