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Thread: giving out set4 pack codes and other business matters

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    Pretty sure both things are not related.... I can't make the connection.... Print screen and paste to paint? Then enter it...
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    Quote Originally Posted by wolzarg View Post
    Indeed insane rant and mad ramblings aside raffle would be better a lot of the time.
    The only issue with raffles would be that depending on how its handled people would just afk inside the client forever to be auto entered into raffles. And if you require a response with a keyword it requires special program which has to be written tested integrated into the client and THOROUGHLY debugged which is just another feature that would push back more important features like set 4 and more PVE. It seems like something simple to put in but it is FAR more complicated than people give it credit for.
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    I didn't really mean for in client to be fair as far as i am concerned in client everyone is on equal foting its on twitch that there is a massive discrepancy depending on where you live and a lot of other factors.
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    Having taken the time to read this, you really need to step back and calm down.

    Making accusations with no evidence or proof is incredible at best.

    HEX Forum Code of Conduct violations include: (Insultingly refer to other characters, players, HEX employees, or groups of people) (Creating threads for the sole purpose of causing unrest on the forums | Making non-constructive posts)

    As a courtesy, and due to understanding of your frustation, I'll leave your posts here but considered the thread locked albeit not removed. I don't believe any further discussion on this front is beneficial.

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