Dear Nobles and other HEX staff, really?

Did you think that through?

Does it come as a surprise to you that every single one was redeemed by KS players?

Do you really believe to do something nice there or are you intentionally mocking about every player that joined only after KS backer and old VIP program ran out, showing us, no matter which vast amounts of money we wasted on your game, how worthless we are in your eyes?

Still not getting the point?

K, I'll explain... Only KS backers and old VIP program participants are allowed to have a second player account. I would already violate the ToS if I only started a second instance of the client to log in with my one and only account a 2nd time, risking that my account and all that stuff I paid far more real money for than most of the KSlers ever did, would get permanently banned and taken away.
But that would be the only way to have even the slightest chance of redeeming one of those codes you so generously gave out during the Invitationals.
Still not clear why?

The code is about 30 chars mixed numbers and letters. Nobody can memorize that, so you need to see the code to enter it to the redeem box. Being only able to use one account that means taking a screenshot, pasting that into a graphic program, get back to the HEX client, move it somewhere that leaves the code visible - only then a payhog player is able to start entering that redeem code, since chat likes to jump wildly around upon each change of interface selection, usually right in front of the redeem box - by that time you already see a KS guy rejoice about having gotten a free set4 pack and gettings congrats for that by several other KSlers...

Which shouldn't be any surprise. Most of the KS/old VIP players are permanently logged in with both their accounts parallely - thus they simply observe the chat with the code in client/acc 1 to immediately start entering it into client/acc 2, no way ever a payhog player will be able to beat that drastic interaction advantage...

So what do we see? Those players, that already have extreme everyday advantages cause of being allowed to use a 2nd account which earns them several 100-1000 platin each day by enabling them to manipulate and cheat in the most extreme ways in the AH:
- bidding up a card/item placed for sale by acc 1 using acc 2 shortly before auction ends clearly is the mostly harmless way, as it usually only generates 50-100p more income on each sale.
- far worse is the possibility to draw any attention on their auction by placing it with an extremely low starting bid, which makes other offers for that card nearly impossible to ever get sold, despite their buyout price usually is considerably higher than that of other offers. Then when the auction is close to be over (at what time they know exactly in contrast to any other player who just sees the rather indifferent info <12h) they first try to up-bid it to somewhere usually far higher than the median sale price for that item using acc 2 - but if those additional 100p still seem to be too little advantage taken of the payhog and newbie players for the really greedy ones of them (sth that applies to the majority of them), they simply buyout that item/card at the last moment (commonly about 30sec before auction ends) which only costs them the 5% auction fee, which is nothing compared with the additional win they get by that approach.
- as if that wouldn't be enough, they use this dual acc method also for simply setting the value of a card to any amount of plat they seem fits -> if they want to buy all of a certain card out of the market (since they know that it'll skyrocket for sure some time later) they generate about 10-20 fake sales at about half the price that card got sold over month 1-2 times each day, can be seen in many cards AH stats as price jump to half the price been stable for month within 1 day with sales also rising from 1 or 2 to suddenly 20 on a single day -> that way they can tell any players owning that card that it was overrated all the time and will lose even more value soon, so those players are happy to get that card quickly sold to that guy for still at least half of what the card is worth. Once they stocked away a significant amount of that card making it totally unavailable on the market, everything is set for step 2 of this mean scamming:
- that card gets used and especially emphasized for its op usefulness in the top meta or favorite meta-beating deck, thus creating an extreme demand. Then a few fake sales at usually 3-4 times that price it got force-devalued to by their manipulation are done. After that slowly minimal amounts of that card are placed in the AH at 4-5x the price they stocked it away for are placed - people eager to get that card, seeing that it was already bought at a comparable high price by other players fear they won't get one while others already have it and quickly pay the buyout price to prevent missing their "chance" of getting one. From that point on they price is continiously raised till the point is reached, where demand is satisfied, quite often achieving price levels of 8x the price they stocked away several 100 of that card for, thus earning them easily 500-700% profits on the total amount of platin spent for market-buyoff, thus making 1000 plat easily 5000 or even 7000p within only 1-2 weeks. After that this card is abandoned, now being totally overrated players expect to get that price on selling, resulting in none of those card getting sold anymore for about 2 month, after which the price has molten due to the lection of no sale back to its original level.

Sure, nothing can be done about that, since it clearly supports your goal of earning more money, which that kind of extreme market manipulation achieves very effectively, since hype on buying cards at several times their value creates a huge increase in platin demand, which directly earns you a lot of money thru players quickly recharging platin, since they fear that Arena grinding would take to long and they would miss the chance of getting one of those rarely available cards.

Do you feel that to be a mean insinuation about your motives? Why, if you wouldn't want and support that behavior, you would simply have linked alternate accounts with the main account to be treated as one account in terms of any AH interaction or CoD money sales, making it impossible to gain that gigantic advantage by being able to fully control any AH deal done from either acc.