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Thread: Hex 100k Coverage Feedback Thread (Unofficial)

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    Hex 100k Coverage Feedback Thread (Unofficial)

    So, now that the first major HXE-ran tournament is behind us, I figured having a thread to give feedback on the coverage of the event might be warranted. How did you guys feel about the stream coverage? Anything you think worked really well? What did you think could see some improvement? Basically what changes would *YOU* like to see for the next major HXE tournament.

    Please note that my critiques are nothing personal and are merely to be interpreted as constructive. It was plain to see that everyone tried their very hardest, but it's always important to note what can be improved upon.


    Generally good, you could tell there were some technical difficulties as the card display tech wasn't running at the outset, but was used to great effect as the tournament went on. I think that the stream was sorely lacking in a results ticker to run along bottom of the screen, providing standings and results of other matches as the current one goes on as we were entirely reliant on the hextcg twitter or the commentators to find out the results of non feature matches. I was expecting far more awkward stalling for time due to technical issues and what have you, and though such things were present it didn't dominate the proceedings and I felt that staff reacted well in those situations.

    Coverage Staff (in no particular order):

    SolidSnake76: Snake had two roles to fill - overall host of the proceedings, and play-by-play. As host, I think he crushed it, as he appeared calm collected & confident the entire time. I think he can credit a lot of this down to his practice for his personal streams, where he treated it more like a professional show and had structured segments with all of the talking points that come along with that. Right look, right voice, right attitude, can't fault him. As play-by-play there's still room for improvement however - don't get me wrong, he kept up with the action admirably and calling the plays was absolutely fine, but the issue I found with his casting is that he didn't set Dino up very well for analysis. Snake would describe a play, then silence, and Dino would step in to discuss the play which would often lead to repetition. I would have liked to have seen more questions thrown Dino's way from Snake - lots of why's & how's, give Dino more direction for his analysis. Overall though, Snake seemed the standout of the three to me and I think with practice he can really do well by coverage.

    Dinotropia: Very hot and cold for me personally, and I think a lot of that was down to nerves, especially so day one. A few mistakes were made with regards to possible lines of play but everyone makes them so it's not a knock against him, and he almost always identified the correct lines that the player would take before they made them which is often difficult to do so mad props to him. That said, I think in his role as colour he struggled, as I feel he focused too much on the play that was chosen by the player, rather than giving alternative lines and why they might be better (meaning it often felt like we had two play-by-play guys). Essentially, I feel he needed a little more edge to his analysis, and I don't recall any instances where he was critical of a choice a player made, despite several huge player mistakes. Though I understand the reasoning, as no-one wants to come across as superior, it meant that on multiple occasions opportunities to provide insight were missed in favour of stating the obvious or making justifications for the player. The perfect example of this is the coverage of Valuecity's draft, where both Snake & Dino were so focused on the choices that Value was making (even when it was just obvious reserve filler choices) that they completely missed how ridiculously open spiders were, or discussing the rest of the pack that wasn't R/D in general - JJ would then go on to crush the draft with those same spiders. That said, of all of the roles, providing colour and analysis can be the hardest, and Dino did well given his lack of practice in the role, which will only improve with time.

    Alucard2004: Solid and confident when giving interviews, which is a huge plus in his first major event doing coverage as you expect a certain amount of nerves, especially so when he's very much an on-camera role. I think some of the questions he asked the competitors were a little clunky (unable to give specifics due to poor memory, but I remember a lot of questions that had obvious answers) but overall he went above and beyond my expectations. If he could squeeze a little more insight out of the players it would be grand, though this might require extensive note taking on the game in order to formulate appropriate questions (and he may have had other duties during match). His rapport with staff for the spoiler stuff was good and can only get better with time, and he definitely has the right demeanor and voice for coverage.


    I understand that there were limitations in terms of the client that held back probably a lot of things that they would have liked to have done, but the handling of reserves was pretty awful honestly. They kept focusing on the players on camera during reserves, rather than just focusing on the clients and flipping between both screens. Really, I feel like in a tournament like this, they should have shown the first player's perspective on reserves (IN CLIENT!), then once they've submitted, give the second player permission to start changing reserves and swapping to show their client. You would have to modify the reserves system in order to facilitate this (hold off on letting second player change reserves until first player has finished theirs?), but anything has to be better than what they did. Bad!

    Personal requests for future:

    1. I'd like a stats guy, someone to turn to between rounds that can break down how good archetypes are versus each other in a structured way with onscreen graphics. They mentioned several stats over the course of the stream, but it was scattershot and it lost effectiveness as a result. HXE must be collating a TON of data from matchups through the client, and having someone able to break it down and go "traditionally, X has been the stronger deck versus Y" and so on.
    2. Rotate some new faces in! I would love to see Alucard, Dino & Snake back in coverage roles in the future, but there's no harm in developing a stable of talent to draw from. I bet there are a bunch of players who are itching to get a shot at an opportunity, and there are a lot of talented analytical minds in the game right now.
    3. More merchandise opportunities for those not at the event. HXE are a small company I know, but it's really sad that there were no opportunities for those not at the event to purchase some goodies! And I don't just mean online sales for the US, it needs to be global shipping if Cory want's to start throwing around terms like "Global game".

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    i was quite happy with the event, more and acutal stats would have been good as lr pointed out.

    snake did very well he was great and i for me love to watch dino too, he was a bit nervous but he lives hex and thats what matters for me, alu was great too, but he might need some more aluHype he is/was much more entertaining and hyped on his own streams, some in the middle hype would have been great ;D

    major improvements: i would love to see some cosplayers (girls ofc) with round numbers like in boxing for the next time! Kappa

    all in all i was entertained during the whole event, quite good start for the 1st one.

    good job guys
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    I usually get bored with high end events because I would rather be playing then watching, but the Hex Invitational was a pleasant surprise. Maybe it was due to the content and my love for Hex, but I ended up watching the entire invitational over the weekend. For a first attempt at a major event, huge props to Cory and team for putting on a great event.

    To echo what LightReaper said, I would definitely like to see new tech used to watch other players, particularly during the draft portion. In regards to the casters, all three did a great job and I had no complaints there. I look forward to the next invitational and expect great things.

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    It was a great tournament and all people done a good job. I can absolutely agree with Lightreapers summary!

    The only thing i was a bit disappointed was the presentation of the drafting. I was really excited to see the same draft from the perspective of multiple players at the same time, but in the end it was the same experience you get from a normal draft stream. I know there is no easy way of doing this in the stream, but I was hoping they came up with something.

    But thats only a minor issue. I enjoyed the tournament very much!

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    This was a fairly well written and fair critique of the coverage all in all. Good job with the posts.

    As for me i agree with pretty much all of your points to a degree but in the end you have to remember that these guys are for all purposes 100% amateur talent. They did an AMAZING job at presenting all of this considering it was literally their first time truly handling all of this.

    My one and only gripe i had and this is in no way meant to be mean was that Dino has some really unique mannerisms. I love the guy and his streams but he tends to roll his eyes back and have his face freeze in a lull of thought a bit too often. He did a great job literally everywhere else but if i had to say one thing for improvement it would be that. He has the right tone of voice and ha proven he knows his stuff however. I cant think of anyone that could have done it better either.

    And for the record i do believe they both mentioned multiple times about how many spiders and sapphire in general was wheeling. But in the end a play by play of what someone is picking is about the cards they are picking and why they are getting picked. I cant fault them for that.
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    Coming from someone who has done personal shows and and live professional events, the jump is rather large in terms of what is expected from the caster. My biggest compliment to Dino is how much he learned from day one to day two. Casting is a a trial by fire type of experience. You sometimes have to try and view the results to see what you are doing right and wrong. Doing it for the first time with a camera is a big deal as well as color commentators often stare off into space sometimes when trying to recall something. This is something that Dino really improved upon when you watched him in between matches.

    I personally wasn't a believer in play by play action calling for hex but the cadenance from snake was solid and really made it interesting. Yes I know I can see everything that is going on on the screen but during those times I look away for 15 seconds, it is nice to know what is still going on.

    Congrats to a great event casters and I know you'll continue to get better.

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    I loved the draft contrary with Chark. Inspires a lot confidence. I would love to see more guest commentary with Hex Staff peppered throughout the event.

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    The only thing that bothered me and bothered me even more that it wasn't corrected was the viewer able to hear what was being fed to the announcers through the in-ear. Then again....if that is my biggest was a smashing success!

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    Some negative feedback from my guild/my observations during the streams:
    1. Disappointed some players got zero face time/overviews
    2. Arbitrary stat sharing on who is the "best" was just weird and unrelated to anything even the most experienced HEX player has access to.
    3. Way too many mentions of the Dragonborn. It was kind of off-putting and really painted a biased viewpoint on tournament favorites.
    4. No real call out for potential misplays. I guess this one is kind of a double-edged sword. Could make the caster look bad...
    5. Would have been nice for more draft coverage on pick orders, but it was better than I expected getting to see 2 and those players were "sitting" next to each other.

    Positive Feedback:
    1. Spoils were great
    2. Casters all came into their own as the event advanced. I wouldn't expect anything more from them as their first professional experience.
    3. Technical difficulties were handled fairly flawlessly (again, learn from experiences, will get better with time)
    4. Very proud of what we were able to witness and the high level of play. It was a good showcase for HEX, and one I would not be embarrassed to introduce new players to interested in competitive play.
    5. Good coverage overall for the competitive modes, the back stories we were able to see on the highlighted players were nice.

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    Snake killed it for his first time being in such a position. There was way more downtime than I expected there to be where Snake/Dino had to just talk and talk until the next segment was ready which made both of their jobs even more difficult. Snake was perfect for this job and glad they selected him over some other more prominent personalities who would seem more like obvious choices. CZE deserves a lot of credit here.

    For as pumped as Alucard gets during his own streams, he seemed way too reserved at times for his role. Yea, talking with developers and set 4 spoilers is one thing, but he should have been a bit more animated and personable with the participants. Maybe he was told to tone it down from his superiors, but to me, that just defeats the purpose of having him specifically in that role. Interviewing Koma at the end seemed more like a business interview than a celebratory one. Give the guy a high-five, do something Alu-like to define your personality to newer viewers so you'd be as popular with them as you are with the veteran players who obviously really like you.

    Dino seems the hardest to fairly critique. His insight during games was very good. His presentation and camera time needs a lot of work. He got marginally better as the days wore on, and nobody questions his passion and effort, but it just didn't hit the mark for me as much as I wanted it to.

    I think for an optimal viewing experience the color guy needs to be a lot more edgier and a starker contrast to the PBP guy. I would suggest expanding to a 3 man PBP team as many sports broadcasts have done over the past 5-10 years. You basically have the PBP guy, a strategist/expert, and the true color guy. Somebody has to be way more critical at times even in a trolling manner. A player with the personality type of Neo or Fridged would be good for this role.

    If anyone is familiar with the NBA, Jeff Van Gundy is perfect in this spot. Someone has to be critical of mistakes, players themselves, and somewhat goofy at times. It just works.

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