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Thread: Which ranking system for Hex ?

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    Which ranking system for Hex ?

    Cory talked about ranking during the invitational without being very specific but it's sounded like we will not have a casual ranking system HS style.
    And i am glad, i don't want that.

    I hope for a ranking system bind to our stat in competitive draft, construct tournament and sealed or construct gauntlet. Not a ranking base on casual matchmaking.

    I see a one month leaderboard and a eternal leaderboard with a system that erase our points earned 3,6 or 12 month ago.

    Monthly ranking give some rewards (1 AA cards for the 10 % best players for exemple, 2 for the best 5 % )
    Eternal ranking give entree to big tournament events( ie : the top 5 of the leaderboard 2 months before the event). +7 players picked thanks to special tournament like before.

    Point system. I would like something like this :

    2-0 win in draft : 3pts
    2-1 win : 2pts
    1-2 loose : -1pt
    0-2 loose : - 2 pts

    Same for daily constructed/sealed tournaments

    Gauntlet sealed win 1pts, Gauntlet lose -1pts
    Gauntlet construct win 2pts, lose -2pts

    Qualifier tournaments, in client community tournaments and VIP tournaments

    2-0 : 5 pts
    2-1 : 3 pts
    1-2 : - 2pt
    0-2 : -3pts

    Your opinions ? Your wishes ?
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