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Thread: Client instability and APPCrashes Hex Client (Windows)

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    Client instability and APPCrashes Hex Client (Windows)

    Hello Hello,
    Well well, as the title suggests this is another thread about the very frustrating client crash issues with Hex. I will try to keep my frustration to a minimum in this post; I want to give a disclaimer:

    Please refrain from giving me any advice how something might or might not be a fix and/or a workaround. I am not interested in what I could do other than maybe give some sort of crash dump or event log. I firmly believe that at some point the developer has to get his software to work and not me, well, my computer to work with his software. And letís be clear, most of the user generated workarounds are part of a big fairytale world of maybes and edge cases. Sometimes user to user help just doesnít cut it anymore and the developer has to step up and do some work.

    I would prefer to get a reaction from the developers on how to give them information in a meaningful and unified way so that the community (and you can feel lucky to have a patient community that is willing to help in that manner) can give data input, in order for you as developers to fix your software code and go bug hunting. So give us a framework for that, and I hope a lot of people are willing to copy paste the eventlogs and crash dumps. Give us information on which information you need and a manual on how to generate this.

    Well, some may ask why Iím doing this here and Iím not just sending a bugreport or whatnot over the ticket system via Gameforge. Itís because I do not believe this gets the attention of the developers, but seems to be neglected along the way when it is just another ticket.

    Best regards,

    PS: I know in most cases this crash happens with a pointer towards the Windows Native API ntdll.dll but who are we to know if this isnít a false positive or whatnot and thatís why the devís should step up and guide those data gathering attempts to fix the problems at the core.

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    I have a feeling they have an idea, but maybe the problem is too deep. The crashes happening ages ago, just became more often with the PVE patch. So i guess it is some structural problem, which not easy to solve. The crashes are so common, i am sure they can reproduce it too. Once Ben had an article about the assets, and how they are interacting when a new modul should be loaded, and as i understood they had some problems there.
    But yeah, i offered help too, but maybe they know without us already.

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    They need to do something about this. At this point Hex crashes every five minutes, which is basically unplayable.

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    I came to the forums looking for the original(ish) thread about this and found a few new ones...

    Ya ain't gunna git a dev response, sad as that is...

    I kicked and hollered for a week and nuttin,finally took a players advice and contacted support got a fix that worked...until today... back to crashing more than ever.

    As I said in the old post (and will say in any new ones I find)...the silence is NOT GOOD.

    Remember how you used to hear from Cory and the other devs back in the day?
    Constant posting.
    Now next to nothing...

    Meh, /rant off.

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