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Thread: Grim Skull Sorcerer/Usurper Dungeon Revert Error

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    Grim Skull Sorcerer/Usurper Dungeon Revert Error

    The Grim Skull Sorcerer fight has a charge power that gives all troops in his deck the powers of a random socket. Whatever method they're using to add this does not seem to be affected by reversion. Specifically, I was playing a human mage. I used Polymorph Beast (Revert and transform target troop into a random beast with cost 2.) His troop turned into a Chickatwice, but retained both speed and swiftstrike. Since it 'gained' those powers, they should disappear.
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    Good find! I have confirmed that this is occurring and we are now tracking this issue.

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    I thought it was intentional to not remove them.
    So hero charge power is same as azurefate in the other topic, modifying current card instead of creating a new card?
    good news, makes the battle really easy with a filk ape.

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